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General Information

Tuition and Fees

The college reserves the right to change tuition, fees and charges after publication of the catalog, bulletin and any registration material issued by the college without prior notice at any time. In the event of any increase in the fees or tuition charges, payments already made to the college will be treated as partial payment and notification will be given to the student of the additional amount due and the time and method of payment. In the event of overpayment, the appropriate amount will be refunded. All tuition and related fees are due at the point of registration. This includes any and all financial aid awards to be used as tuition funding. All inquiries concerning residence requirements should be directed to the Office of the Registrar.

Effective Fall 2015

Resident Students

  • Full-time matriculated $3,165 per semester
  • Part-time matriculated $275 per credit
  • All Non-degree $400 per credit (no limit)
  • Senior citizen fee $65 per semester or session

Non-Resident Students

  • Full-time matriculated - $560 per credit (no limit)
  • Part-time matriculated - $560 per credit
  • All Non-degree - $840 per credit (no limit)

Special Fees

All Students (including non-degree and senior citizens)
Consolidated Services Fee $15.00 per semester or session
Freshman Application Fee non-refundable: $65.00
Transfer Application Fee non-refundable: $70.00
For non-CUNY transfers and CUNY transfers who have had a break in attendance of one semester or more.
Transcript Fee: $7.00
Transcript fee will be waived to units of the City University of New York.
Special Examination Fee: $25.00
(each additional $5.00)
When a student requests an examination at a time other than the scheduled
time and permission is granted by the college, a special examination fee is charged. However, there is a maximum fee of $35 per semester.
Duplicate Bursar Receipt/Bill Fee: $5.00
A charge for each duplicate bursar receipt bill.
Duplicate Identification Fee: $10.00
A charge for replacement of I.D. cards.
Duplicate Diploma Fee: $30.00
A charge to students for each duplicate diploma or certificate.
Re-admission Fee: $20.00
A charge to students who are re-admitted to the college after an absence of one or more semesters (exclusive of summer session).

Refund Policy

The date on which the program change or withdrawal forms are filed with the college, not the last date of attendance in class, is considered the official date of the student's withdrawal. It is the official date which serves as the basis for computing any refund granted the student. No portion of the student activity fee, special fees or penalty fees is refundable, except in cases where the student's registration or courses are canceled by the college. Refund of tuition for courses dropped by a student will be made in accordance with the following schedule:

Withdrawal before the scheduled opening date of the session:

  • Fall and Spring, 100%
  • Summer Session, 100%

Withdrawal within one week after the scheduled opening date of the session:

  • Fall and Spring, 75%
  • Summer Session, 50%

Withdrawal during the second week after the scheduled opening date of the session:

  • Fall and Spring, 50%
  • Summer Session, 25%

Withdrawal during the third week after the scheduled opening date of the session:

  • Fall and Spring, 25%
  • Summer Session, none

Withdrawal after completion of the third week of the session:

  • Fall and Spring, none
  • Summer Session, none

Military And Peace Corps

The following principles govern refunds to students withdrawing for military or Peace Corps service. Military service must be documented with a copy of induction or military orders. Peace Corps service must be documented.

In order to obtain a grade, a student must attend approximately eleven (11) weeks (five weeks for summer session). No refund will be made to a student who has been assigned a grade regardless of whether the grade is passing or failing.

In instances where students who have enlisted in the armed services or Peace Corps do not attend for a sufficient time to qualify for a grade but continue in attendance to within two weeks of induction, refund of tuition and all fees, except application fee, will be made as follows:

Withdrawal before beginning of the fifth calendar week (third calendar week for summer session) after scheduled opening date of session is 100%; withdrawal thereafter is 50%.


Non-Instructional Fees

Full-Time Students (12 or more credits and/or remedial contact hours) per semester

  • Student Activity Fee: $42.70
  • Student Government: $4.00 & Clubs: $3.00
  • University Student Senate Fee: $1.45
  • NYPIRG Fee: $4.00
  • Technology Fee: $125
  • Consolidated Fee: $15.00 *
  • Total Fees: $195.15

Part-Time Students (Fewer than 12 credits and/or remedial contact hours) per semester

  • Student Activity Fee: $16.35
  • Student Government: $1.50 & Clubs: $1.50
  • University Student Senate Fee: $1.45
  • Technology Fee: $62.50
  • Consolidated Fee $15.00 *
  • Total Fees $98.30 

Student activity fees and university student senate fees or any part thereof are not refundable at any time.

The NYPIRG fee may be refunded only by written request to NYPIRG. You may pick up the appropriate form at the NYPIRG office in the G Building.

* Charged per semester or session.


Penalty Fees

Late Registration Fee: $25.00
Charge for registration after the close of the official registration period. Under exceptional circumstances, the college may extend the official registration period.
Program Change Fee: $18.00
Each of the following is considered to be a program change:adding a course or courses;
  • dropping and adding a courses or courses;
  • changing from one section of a course to another section of the same course.
The program change fee is waived when the college assumes responsibility for the change.
Non-Payment Service Fee: $15.00
Students who are delinquent in paying tuition and fees will be required to pay this fee in addition to all outstanding bills to regain the privileges of good fiscal standing with the college which include the right to attend classes and access to one's student records. If the student is required to pay a re-admission fee, the non-payment service fee shall be in addition if appropriate.
Payment Re-processing Fee: $20.00
A charge to a student when a check tendered to the college by the student is not honored by the bank upon which the check is drawn. Miscellaneous Charges In addition to those charges listed above, there are other charges for overdue library books, replacement charges for keys and locks and breakage charge for repair or replacement of any college laboratory equipment damaged or lost.

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