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Special Categories

Summer Students

City Tech offers limited intensive courses in the summer. Please note that not all courses listed in the catalog are available during the summer session. Students attending other colleges who wish to attend City Tech during the summer are eligible to enroll as permit or non-degree students. They should contact the Office of Admissions for information and applications.


Baccalaureate Programs

If you are interested in the bachelor of technology degree program in hospitality management, graphic arts production management, telecommunications or the bachelor of science degree program in human services or legal assistant studies, you must hold an associate degree in the appropriate area to be eligible to apply. Anyone not meeting this criteria must first apply to the associate degree program.

Students wishing entry into the bachelor of technology degree program in engineering technology may apply directly to the program if they hold an associate degree in electrical engineering technology, electromechanical engineering technology, mechanical engineering technology, computer-aided drafting and design technology, environmental control technology or automotive technology or if they hold an associate degree from Technical Career Institute (TCI) (V-7 and T3 programs only) or the equivalent or have completed 55 credits or more from a comparable program. Anyone not meeting the aforementioned criteria must first apply to the associate degree program.

Graduates of the A.A.S. degree program may apply for tentative admission to the upper level bachelor of technology or bachelor of science program by completing the specific application for admission to the program available at the City Tech Office of the Registrar. To be eligible for final admission to any baccalaureate program, you must be CUNY certified in reading, writing and mathematics.

Students wishing to enter the bachelor of technology program in entertainment technology will apply as freshmen, following the procedures outlined under "Basic Requirements". This program admits students as freshmen and, on a case by case basis, as transfer students.

Contact the admissions office for further information.


Dual Enrollment for High School Students

City Tech offers dual enrollment in credit bearing courses to selected seniors in New York City's public, private and parochial high schools. Under this program, you will be able to enroll in two courses in the spring semester of your senior year: English Composition I and an introductory course in a career department.

To be eligible for the program, you must meet the following requirements: you must file a freshman application with UAPC to enter NYCCT after graduation, be on-schedule for high school graduation, pass the CUNY Freshman Skills Assessment Test, and be academically qualified for the career department you have selected.

For more information contact the Office of High School Programs at 718.260.5206.


Senior Citizens

Effective fall 1995, if you are 60 years of age or older and meet the CUNY requirements for demonstrating New York state residency, you may audit courses tuition-free on a space-available basis. As an auditor, you will receive neither grades nor academic credit. Upon registration, you must pay a $65 fee at the office of the Bursar. If you wish to receive academic credit, you must pay the appropriate tuition for the courses. In either case, you must apply according to the procedures outlined above. You must provide proof of age, i.e., birth certificate, driver's license or Medicare card to the Office of Admissions prior to registration.


Non-Degree Student

If you wish to enroll in one or more courses for enrichment purposes only, it may be possible for you to apply as a non-degree student.

A number of departments do not allow registration on a non-degree basis. You are requested to meet with an admissions counselor to discuss your eligibility for non-degree status.

Apply directly to the New York City College of Technology Office of Admissions. Your application must be accompanied by college transcripts, proof of CUNY certification in reading, writing and math or a bachelor's degree and a $65 non-refundable application fee (money order only).


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