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General Information

How to Apply

Obtaining Application Materials

Application to all campuses of The City University of New York is done electronically at

If you need pre-admission counseling, call or write:

The Office of Admissions
New York City College of Technology
300 Jay Street, Namm G17
Brooklyn, NY 11201

You can get information about all programs at The City University of New York by calling or writing:

CUNY Welcome Center
217 East 42 Street
New York, NY 10017

Or by visiting the CUNY Welcome Center website at

Visiting and non-degree students at City Tech can obtain application materials and information on-line at

Students seeking admission into City Tech can initiate the on-the-spot admission process after April 11 for the summer and fall semester and October 1 for the winter and spring semester by reading the materials at and subsequently by bringing all necessary materials to the Office of Admissions during normal business hours. For additional information please call 718.260.5250.


Readmission of Former Students

If you formerly attended City Tech but have not been in attendance for the entire previous semester or longer, you must apply to the Office of the Registrar at New York City College of Technology for readmission. A $10 application fee is required. Readmission applications should be filed by December 1 for the spring semester and by June 15 for the fall semester. Thereafter, readmission will be on the basis of space available.


Direct On-the-Spot Admission

If you currently hold a U.S. high school diploma, have received a state General Equivalency Diploma by virtue of satisfactory scores on the G.E.D. examinations or currently attend or previously attended an accredited U.S. college, it may be possible for you to apply for a preliminary acceptance to City Tech. For further information on On-The-Spot Admissions, call the admissions office.

For more info on Direct Admissions, Click Here


Transfer Students

If you have attended one or more colleges or universities and any previous college work has been in the United States, you must file an Application for Advanced Standing (Transfer) Admission.

All completed applications received on or before September 15 for January admission or February 1 for September admission will be processed first. Applications received after those deadlines will be processed on a space-available basis.

To be eligible for transfer admission, students must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 for all previous college work. Where there are extraordinary extenuating circumstances, students denied transfer admission because of a grade point average below 2.0 may appeal their denial in writing to the Director of Admissions, who will refer the matter to the Admissions Appeal Committee. Some degree programs require a higher grade point average for transfer admission, and others may restrict transfer admission at the point that seats are no longer available.


International Students

City Tech is approved by the Department of Homeland Security for attendance by non-immigrant foreign students. If you expect to be classified F-1 (student visa), you must be a full-time, matriculated student.

Application materials may be obtained from:

The Office of Admissions at New York City College of Technology

CUNY International Students
Admissions Office
1114 Avenue of the Americas
at 42nd Street
15th Floor
New York, N.Y. 10036
(212) 997-2869

Send completed application to:

P.O. Box 350136
Brooklyn, NY 11235-0001


CUNY Transfer Guide for Engineering Tech


Applying Day or Evening

File a freshman application if you are:

  • A high school senior.
  • A student who has earned an equivalency diploma or passed the General Education Development examination (original scores, not a copy, must be submitted).
  • Applying to the SEEK program.
  • A foreign student whose only previous secondary education has been in the United States.
  • Attending college for the first time.
  • Applications received by U.A.P.C. before January 15 for September admission and September 15 for February admission, will be processed first. Applications received after those deadlines will be processed on a space-available basis.

College Preparatory Initiative

The City University of New York has instituted a program, effective Fall 1993, for entering students called the College Preparatory Initiative.

Students entering a senior college will be expected to have 13 units of high school work in academic courses, including 1 unit of laboratory science, 2 units of mathematics, 4 units of English and 2 units of social science.

High school students should consult with guidance counselors to ascertain what courses are considered to be academic within the English, science, mathematics, social science, foreign language and the fine and performing arts curriculum.

All entrants will be informed of the preparatory units that have been accepted as a result of high school preparation. GED students will receive units in English and mathematics based on their test scores.

Students who have not completed the academic unit expectations prior to enrolling in the university will be required to demonstrate skills and knowledge in the discipline areas in which they lack preparation. In most cases, this will be accomplished by taking a designated college course. Students will be informed of alternative methods for demonstrating competence. This requirement does not affect your admissions to City Tech but is necessary for graduation.


Basic Requirements

To apply for admission to New York City College of Technology, you must: File a formal application prior to the semester in which you plan to register. Application must be accompanied by a non refundable $65 fee (freshmen) or $70 fee (transfer) (money orders only).

Have a high school diploma or the high school equivalency diploma. The latter should be accompanied by proof of satisfactory final score and a statement of diploma issuance.

A new immunization law requires all students born on or after January 1, 1957 enrolling at New York City College of Technology to be immunized against mumps, measles and rubella. See Immunization Requirements for further details.

Before you complete the application, it is important to select your intended major area. You will apply directly to a specific college curriculum and session (day or evening). The application has room for 6 choices. Indicate your choice of curriculum. You will find descriptions of the various majors and programs elsewhere in this catalog.

Admission to the college is granted only for the semester of acceptance. If you do not register for the semester of acceptance, you must file another application for reactivation of your application before you can register for the following semester. If more than a semester has elapsed between the time you first applied and the semester in which you plan to register, you must reapply through the City Tech admissions office. If you are currently attending or have attended another college, re-apply through U.A.P.C.


Immunization Requirements

New York State Public Health Law #2165 requires all college students to show proof of immunity against measles, mumps and rubella in order to attend classes. All students born on or after January 1, 1957 must comply with this law.

Failure to comply with the immunization requirements will result in your being dropped from all classes, receipt of a "WA" (Administrative Withdrawal) grade for all classes and the possible loss of your financial aid award.


  • a) A student must demonstrate receipt of two doses of live measles vaccine: the first dose given on or after the student's first birthday and the second on or after 15 months of age and at least 30 days after the first dose. The recommended interval for college students in the process of receiving their first and second dose of measles is three months. The second dose may be given as early as 30 days after the first dose, but not sooner than 30 days; OR
  • b) The student must submit serological evidence of immunity. This means the demonstration of measles antibodies through a blood test performed by an approved medical laboratory. OR
  • c) A statement from the diagnosing physician or healthcare provider that the student has had measles disease.


  • A student must demonstrate receipt of one dose of live mumps vaccine given on or after their first birthday; OR
  • The student must submit serological evidence of immunity. This means the demonstration of mumps antibodies through a blood test performed by an approved medical laboratory. OR
  • A statement from the diagnosing physician or healthcare provider that the student has had mumps disease.


  • A student must demonstrate receipt of one dose of live rubella virus vaccine given on or after their first birthday; OR
  • The student must submit serological evidence of immunity. This means the demonstration of rubella antibodies through a blood test performed by an approved medical laboratory.
  • A physician or healthcare provider statement of disease history is NOT acceptable for rubella.


The following exemptions apply where applicable:

  • In order to qualify for a religious exemption, a student under 18 years old must submit a notarized written statement signed by his/her parent or guardian stating that they hold religious beliefs contrary to the practice of immunization. Students 18 years old or older must submit such a statement themselves to qualify for religious exemption. This statement must describe the beliefs in sufficient detail to permit the institution to determine that 1) the beliefs are religious in nature (not philosophical), and 2) the beliefs are sincerely and genuinely held.
  • Individuals with medical reasons that make immunization undesirable at this time must submit a written statement of exemption from their physician or healthcare provider, specifying which of the immunization products should not be administered and how long the medical contraindication will last. Medical exemption forms are available in the Admission Office NG17.
  • Students who were born prior to January 1, 1957, are exempt from the requirements.
  • The law does not apply to students enrolled for fewer than six semester hours.

All immunization records must be filed with the Admission Office NG17 and must show the correct number of vaccinations: two (2) doses of live measles, one (1) dose of live mumps and one (1) dose live rubella.

For more information, call or visit the Admission Office at 718.260.5500 in NG17.


Additional Criteria

The college reserves the right to deny admission to any student if in its judgment, the presence of that student on campus poses an undue risk to the safety or security of the college or the college community. That judgment will be based on an individualized determination taking into account any information the college has about the crime committed by the student and the particular circumstances of the college, including the presence of a child care center, summer camp, public school or public school students on the campus. In addition, the college may consider factors such as the amount of time since the crime was committed, the amount of jail time served by the student, the number of years the student was on probation or parole, whether the student has satisfied probation or parole requirements at the time of the student's application, whether the student has completed drug, alcohol, sex offender or other treatment, and what work or educational experience the student has had after the conviction. Finally, if the student is known to have been assisted by a CUNY-sponsored or other re-entry program or initiative, the college will consult with a counselor or representative from said program.


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