Progress from Pre-Clinical Vision Care Technology to Vision Care Technology

After earning CUNY certification in mathematics, students may be admitted to the clinical phase of the ophthalmic dispensing program. Please note that pre-clinical studies must be completed in a maximum of four semesters after admission to the program.

Progression in and graduation from the Department of Vision Care Technology

A minimum grade of "C" in each course designated with the prefix VCT will be required for progression in and graduation from the Vision Care Technology program. Special conditions of equipment and faculty availability govern the repeating of vision care technology courses; course repetition will be permitted only on the basis of seats available, after all students meeting the entrance requirements have been allotted seats.

  • No vision care technology course may be repeated more than once. In addition, no more than two vision care technology courses may be repeated during the entire course of study.
  • A student may not fail more than one course in any one semester. If a student fails to meet any of these provisions, he/she will be required to withdraw from the Vision Care Technology Department.
  • Additional information is available in the Vision Care Technology Student Handbook.
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