Interactive Media Technologies

City Tech’s Interactive Media Technologies Certificate Program, offered through the School of Technology and Design, is a 16-credit introduction to interactive media technologies. Its mission is to provide practitioners in design, computer systems, entertainment, and related areas with the opportunity to study the processes, principles and practices used by interdisciplinary design teams in contemporary media development. The collaborative, project-based, learning environment cultivates enthusiasm and promotes learning independence, which will help practitioners stay relevant in the face of rapid technological change. The Certificate is an introductory program designed for a student with little or no software or hardware skills, but students with strong computing skills will gain valuable background in interactive media applications.

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Required Courses Credits
IMT 1101 Introduction to Interactive Media Technologies Design Process 3
IMT 1102 Introduction to Interactive Media Technologies Production Practice 3
IMT 1000 Technology Skills Lab 1
Subtotal 7

Choose 9 Credits from the following:
ADV 1260 Digital Imaging 2
ADV 2320 Introduction to Film/Video Production Design 3
ADV 3550 Web Design 3
ADV 3560 Information Design for the World Wide Web 3
BUS 2425 Business Management 3
CST 1101 Computer Programming and Problem Solving 3
CST 1100 Introduction to Computer Systems 3
ARCH 3609 Integrated Software in the Architectural Environment 3
EMT 1250 Digital Control 4
EMT 2370 Computer Hardware Systems 2
EMT 2390L Operating Systems Laboratory 1
ENT 1280 Ins and Outs of Physical Computing 3
ENT 3140 Topics & Perspectives in Emerging Technologies 3
ENT 3240 Interdisciplinary Team Project 3
ENT 3390 Sound for Multimedia 3
GRA 3607 Digital Data Asset Management 3
HIS 2209 History of Technology 3
IND 1112 Engineer Drawing 2
IND 2304 Advanced Solids Modeling 2
PHIL 2106 Philosophy of Technology 3
PSY 3407 Psychology of Visual Perception 3
TCET 3201 Analog and Digital Communications I 4
TCET 3202 Analog and Digital Communications II 4