B.S. in Education - Technology Teacher Education

The degree program in Technology Teacher Education prepares individuals to obtain New York State certification as K-12 technology teachers. The candidate must complete the B.S. in Education degree and pass the New York State Teacher Certificate Examinations before he/she can receive the certificate to teach. Technology education is a curriculum offered in kindergarten through 12th grade that uses hands-on activities to engage learners in critical thinking and problem-solving as they design and develop products and systems to solve practical problems in the human-made world.

Technology teacher education content core courses focus on the broad technological systems of communication, construction, manufacturing, transportation and energy all of which are offered in the program. As part of the communications systems sequence, the program collaborates with other departments in the School of Technology and Design to offer our students an array of courses that prepare them to effectively use and manage information technology (IT) in the schools. Thus, the Technology Teacher Education program produces graduates who are well equipped to deal with the challenges of using technology to raise the achievement levels of all students in New York City and beyond.

If you are curious about how things work; or like to work with your hands to design and build things; and want a career with broad job opportunities in teaching technology from kindergarten through high school, technology education at City Tech is the program for you.


Where They Teach: Technology education graduates teach in public elementary, middle, and high schools, private K 12 schools, and business and industry. There are also opportunities for college teaching for those who complete at least a master's degree.

What They Teach: Technology teachers teach such K-12 technology subjects as, computer applications, computer aided design (CAD), desktop publishing, design for production, graphic communications, information technology (IT), computer networking, electronics, photo/video production, mechatronics, principles of engineering, robotics, to mention just a few.

Technology Teacher Salaries: The base salary of NYC teachers is currently about $45,000 and starting salaries for recent graduates may be slightly over that.


Admission to technology teacher education is open to individuals who have any of the following qualifications or backgrounds:

  • High school graduates that meet CUNY admission requirements for baccalaureate programs
  • Transfer students from City Tech or other colleges
  • Graduates of associate degree programs from City Tech or other colleges
  • Career changers from industry who have technical or engineering backgrounds
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