NYS Transitional C Certificate in Technology Education

The Transitional C Certificate program is offered for career changers and others who hold an appropriate graduate academic or professional degree and wish to begin teaching prior to being certified as a classroom teacher. The program is open only to candidates who have a written commitment from a hiring school district, which must provide mentoring to the candidate during the first two years of teaching. Candidates must enroll in the intensive program leading to the professional certificate in technology education.

In order to receive the professional certificate, candidates must complete three years of teaching and up to 20 semester hours of coursework in the technology education pedagogical core after receiving the Transitional C certificate. They must pass the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations to qualify for the professional certificate.

In addition, candidates must have 30 credits of technology education content, some of which may have been completed in their baccalaureate or professional degree. The candidate's transcript will be reviewed by the faculty to determine if this requirement has been met.

Certificate Program in Career and Technical Education (CTE)

The certificate program in CTE is designed for individuals who wish to teach in private trade schools or industrial training programs, where state teacher certification is not required. Non-degree students who do not need to complete a registered teacher preparation program receive a college issued certificate. The 12-credit program consists of four courses that are part of the baccalaureate degree program in Career and Technical Teacher Education. Completers of the certificate program may apply for the New York State Initial Certification through the individual evaluation pathway, if available at the time of completion of the certificate courses.

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