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Howard Sisco, Associate Professor


Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey
Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Columbia University, New York City, New York
Masters Degree in Organizational Psychology

William Paterson University, Wayne, New Jersey
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Cum Laude

Recent Publications:

Sisco, H.,&Reilly, R. R., Effect of Item Level Social Desirability on Factor Structure Stability, The International Journal of Selection and Assessment (2010 September)

Sisco, H. &Leventhal, G., "Effect of prior performance on subsequent performance evaluation by field independent-dependent raters." Perceptual and Motor Skills Journal 2007 December.

Sisco, H., Reilly, R. R., Development and validation of a Biodata Inventory as an alternative method to measurement of the five factor model of personality, The Social Science Journal (2007)

Sisco, H., Reilly, R. R: " Five Factor Biodata Inventory: Resistance to Faking" Psychological Reports 2007

Jarolmen. J &Sisco, H., "Media Effects on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and the World Trade Center Tragedy". Best Practices in Mental Health Volume 1, Number 2, 2005.

Sisco,H &Tison, J., Learning Styles Differences in Relation to Identification with American Culture Perspectives, Spring 2007 Hiring Method Isn't Validated", Howard Sisco,"Opinion Page response to a 2 page article in the Sunday business section , Daily Record, February 16, 2007

Sisco, H. &Tison, J., "Five Factor Model of Personality Predictors of Cigarette Smoking, Alcohol Consumption and Sedentary Lifestyle Behaviors" in R. A. Patterson, A. A. Kay, &R. E. Hanley (Eds.), Perspectives. New York City College of Technology (Spring 2006).

Sisco, H &Tison, J. Culture Learning Styles Differences in Learning Styles Perspectives, Spring 2005


Sisco, H .,&Sisco, R., Five Factor Model of Personality Correlates of Self-Monitoring 24rd APS Annual Convention, May 2012 Chicago, IL

Sisco, H . Consistency of Social Desirability Ratings " 23rd APS Annual Convention, May 25 - 29, 2011 in Washington, DC

Sisco , H &Tison, J. Big 5 correlates of Unhealthy Lifestyle Behaviors Location: Association for Psychological Science, 22st Annual Convention Boston May 27, 2010

Sisco, H. &Reilly,R., "Effects of Item Level Social Desirability on Factor Structure Stability.". Association for Psychological Science Convention 20th Annual Convention Poster 2008 May. Chicago

Sisco, H &Leventhal, G Effects of Rater's Field Independence on Performance Evaluation Poster Session VIII - Board: VIII-058 Association for Psychological Science 19th Annual Convention Washington DC May 24-27 2007

Sisco, H &Tison, J; Cultural Differences in Learning Styles. Association for Psychological Science 18th Annual Convention NYC May 2006

Sisco, H. &Reilly,R., "Effects of Item Level Social Desirability on Factor Structure Stability. CityTech Sixth Annual Poster Session November 2008

Jean E. Kubeck and Howard Sisco, Human Subjects Research - What YOU Need to Know. CityTech Sixth Annual Poster Session November 2008

Howard Sisco, &Julie Tison Learning Styles Differences. CityTech Fourth Annual Poster Session, Fall 2006

Sisco, H. &Kubeck, J Institutional Review Boards What you need to know The 2008 CityTech Research Conference. March 28 2008

Reducing the Impact of Response Distortion. Paper presented at Symposium for Assessing the Prevalence and Impact of Applicant Faking, Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology Convention, New Orleans La. April 2000

Past and Present Professional affiliations:

American Psychological Association
Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Academy of Management
Metropolitan New York Association of Applied Psychology
Association of Psychological Science

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