Peter Parides

» Namm Hall (N-626)

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Peter Parides, Associate Professor


State University of New York at Stony Brook PhD, History, 1997

Academic Interests:

United States Diplomatic History, United States Political History and History of Science


"The Halban Affair and British Atomic Diplomacy at the End of World War II," in Diplomacy & Statecraft (Routledge, Dec. 2012).

"Science/Technology," A Companion to Franklin D. Roosevelt. William G. Pederson, ed. (Wiley/Blackwell Publishers, 2011).

“To Run With the Swift —Vannevar Bush, James Conant and the Race to the Bomb: How American Science Was Drafted into Wartime Service,” in The Atomic Bomb and American Society: New Perspectives; Mariner, Rosemary B., and G. Kurt Piehler, eds. (Knoxville: Unversity of Tennessee Press, 2009).

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