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Costas Panayotakis, Professor


CUNY Graduate Center, PhD, Sociology

Stanford University, BA, Economics

Academic Interests:

Political Economy, Social Movements, and Capitalism's Ecological Contradictions


Remaking Scarcity: From Capitalist Inefficiency to Economic Democracy.  Pluto Press, 2011.

“Theorizing Scarcity: Neoclassical Economics and Its Critics” June 2013, Review of Radical Political Economics.

“Capitalism, Meritocracy and Social Stratification: A Radical Reformulation of the Davis-Moore thesis (forthcoming, it has been accepted for publication at the American Journal of Economics and Sociology)

“The Struggle in (and over) Greece,” Capitalism Nature Socialism, June 2012 (article solicited by the journal’s editors on account of my expertise on Greek society and social movements).

“Scarcity, Capitalism and the Promise of Economic Democracy,” International Journal of Pluralist Economics and Education, March 2012.

“Democracy and the Capitalist Crisis: The Greek Case,” International Journal for Pluralism and Economics Education, June 2011.

“The global capitalist crisis and the youth:  From Tunisia and Egypt to Europe and the U.S,” International Journal for Pluralism and Economics Education, June 2011.

See Panayotakis's ‘Economic Democracy’ column in the New York Times Examiner, .

“Individual Differences and the Potential Tradeoffs Between the Values of a Participatory Economy.” Review of Radical Political Economics, Volume 41, No.1, Winter 2009, 23-42.

“Reflections on the Greek Uprising.” Capitalism Nature Socialism, Volume 20, No.2, June 2009, 97-101.

“Working More, Selling More, Consuming More: Capitalism’s ‘Third Contradiction’”, chapter in Leo Panitch and Colin Leys (eds.), Coming to Terms with Nature: Socialist Register 2007, New York: Monthly Review Press.  

“Capitalism’s Dialectic of Scarcity and Environmental Ethics”, Environmental Ethics, Volume 27, No.3, Fall 2005, 227-244.

“A Marxist Critique of Marx’s Theory of History,” Sociological Theory, March 2004.

“Capitalism’s Dialectic of Scarcity and the Emanicipatory Project,” Capitalism, Nature, Socialism, March 2003.

"On the Anti-Globalization Movement's Self-Understanding," Capitalism, Nature, Socialism, December 2001.

"Dystopian Capitalism and the Specter of Utopia," Science and Society, Fall 2001.

"Nature, Dialectics and Emancipatory Politics," Capitalism, Nature, Socialism, June 2001.

Numerous book reviews in a number of scholarly journals, including Environmental Ethics, Science and Society, and Rethinking Marxism.

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