Steven Gerardi

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Steven Gerardi, Professor


PhD, in sociology

Academic Interests:

Education and social stratification


"Underemployment/Unemployment and the Public Placebo of Educational Failure" in Sociology Mind/Scientific Research Vol.3 No.4

Social Change, Historical Modes-of-Production and the Tendency toward Capital Concentration, Sociology Mind/Scientific Research, Vol. 2 No. 3 , July 2012

The Dialectical Relationship between Religion and the Ideology of Science, Sociology Mind/Scientific Research, Vol. 2 No. 1 , January 2012

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Functional 2.0  SOCJOURNAL Vol.4 No. 2 June 2010

“Some Implications of Modern Technology Revisited,” Journal of Social Science, 2006

“ Positive College Attitudes Among Minority and Low Income Students as an Indicator of Academic Success,” Journal of Social Science, 2006

“Self-Concept as a Predictor of Academic Success Among Technical Students”, The Social Science Journal, 2005

Textbook, A Brief Survey of the Sociological Imagination, Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co., 2007

“Public Attitudes Toward Optician Education as Human Capital,” Journal for Educational Resources, 2000

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“New York City's New Immigrant and the Main Stream College Curriculum,” Journal of Educational Resources, 1995

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" Some Origins of Singularity of Thought and Social Conformity" Global Journal of Human Social Science/Sociology & Culture Vol 14, issue 3, version 10, September 2014.

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