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Kyle A. Cuordileone, Professor


University of California Irvine, PhD History

Academic Interests:

Twentieth Century United States History; Cold War Politics and Culture; Communism and Anti-Communism.


K.A. Cuordileone, Manhood and American Political Culture in the Cold War, (Routledge, 2005).

Recent Articles and Reviews:

The Cold War at HomeThe Routledge Handbook of Diplomatic and Military History, eds. Christos Frentzos, Antonio Thompson (Routledge, 2013)

Book Review: Douglas M. Charles, The FBI’s Obscene File: J. Edgar Hoover and the Bureau’s Crusade Against Smut, Journal of American Studies (September 2013).

Book ReviewRalph LaRossa, Of Men and War: World War II and The Lives of Fathers and Their Families, Journal of American History (June 2012)

The Torment of Secrecy: Reckoning With Communism and Anti-Communism After Venona,” Diplomatic History (September 2011).

Book review of John Earl Haynes, Harvey Klehr and Alexander Vassiliev, Spies: The Rise and Fall of the KGB in America, American Historical Review (April 2010)

Current Research:

The case of Noel Field and the mythical "Fieldist conspiracy" that brought down dozens of eastern European Communist leaders in Stalinist purges in 1949-1953.

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