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Selected Faculty Mentors

Biological Sciences

Rachele Arrigoni-Restrepo - Rm. P-313

My research interest is the process of post-translational modification of proteins by ubiquitin. Specifically, I am interested in understanding the events occurring after the modification has taken place, particularly in the context of transcriptional repression. The model organism I am working on is the protozoan Tetrahymena thermophila.

Armando D. Solis - Rm. P-313

Molecular bioinformatics, Protein structure prediction, Protein folding, Computational molecular biology

Maria Ter-Mikaelian - Rm. P-313

I am interested in investigating the mechanisms by which sounds are processed in the central nervous system. My research focuses on using natural sounds, especially communication sounds, to stimulate the brain. When this is done in animals, the electrical responses of brain cells can be measured and analyzed. In humans, while we cannot observe the activity of individual brain cells, we can infer brain mechanisms by studying how changing the input affects perception. With either approach, we can then construct mathematical models to further understand the function of brain pathways that process sound.

Tatiana Voza - Rm. P-313

My research focuses on the malaria parasites and more particularly on the fisrt stage on the infection in the mammal host. I am currently interested in 1) Testing drugs on malaria parasites in vivo, 2)The imaging of these parasites in the skin and 3) Evaluating the efficacy of different route of injection in the context of immunizations. I am also setting up an artificial pond for teaching purposes and many studies could be related to this project.


Jay Deiner - Rm. P-613

Electrochemistry, Spectroscopy, Reactions related to fuel cell catalysis and environmental remediation

Diana Samaroo - Rm. P-613

Bioorganic chemistry, Spectroscopic methods, Porphyrinoid synthesis, Therapeutic application

Peter Spellane - Rm. P-613

Preparation and analysis of light-sensitive transition metal metallo-organic and compounds; Application of chemical spectroscopy in health monitoring of civil


Renata Budny - Rm. P-409

Any research associated with dental technology: Dental restorations, Dental materials, Dental equipment

Lois Dreyer - Rm. P-201

Incoming student attitudes towards dental health, New patient attitudes toward the profession and oral health, the professional image and its impact on trust and reliability.

Avis J. Smith - Rm. P-409

Various including Ethics, Inclusion, Education, Social, Health.


Lubie G. Alatriste - Rm. N-520

Second language writing, Classroom methodologies and Academic discourse

George Guida - Rm. N-525

Creative Writing, Literature, Ethnic Studies, Film and Popular Culture

Jody Rosen -

Literature and Gender Studies

Joni Schwartz - Rm. M-210

Engagement of Young Men of Color in Learning/Process Writing


Victoria Gitman - Rm. N-707

Applications of linear algebra in computer science, theoretical models of computation such as Turing machines, finite and cellular automata, algorithmic complexity, dynamical systems and chaos theory. For information on the current research projects I am doing with my students,Cick here.

Gjerjg Klimi - Rm. N-825

Applied Math and Physics in the Military Sciences

Dr. Janet Liou-Mark - Rm. N-707

Factors influencing and affecting student learning of mathematics

Jonas Reitz - Rm. N-707

Mathematical logic, Logical puzzles and games, Set theory and foundations of mathematics and Computation and complexity. Calculus projects: patterns in integration and differentiation.

Satyanand Singh - Rm. N-724

Statistical Analysis and simulations. Explorations in additive Number Theory, Quantum Integers and such. Linear and Abstract Algebra and their applications.

Huseyin Yuce - Rm. N-826

Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations (applications involving structural mechanics, vibration and control theory), Mathematical Physics, and Perturbation Theory.

Lin Zhou - Rm. N-602B

Non-Newtonian Fluids, asymptotic method


Oleg Berman - Rm. N-810

Superconductivity, Superfluidity and Spontaneous Coherence.

Dr. Reginald Blake - Rm. N-801

Satellite Remote Sensing of the Environment, Hydro-climatology, and Tropical Meterology: Hurricanes

Boris Gelman - Rm. N-810

nuclear and particle physics; physics of ultracold atomic clouds.

Lufeng Leng - Rm. N-800

Fiber optics, optical system and network and fiber-based nonlinear devices

Gregory Matloff - Rm. N-801

Solar sails, interplanetary and interstellar travel, use of solar-system resources and asteroid-collision avoidance

Justin Vazquez-Poritz - Rm. N-828

Black holes, Gravity, String Theory and Particle Physics

Social Sciences

Daniel Capruso - Rm. N-625

May Chen - Rm. N-624

Psychological stress, trauma, and physical/psychological health

Lisa Pope Fischer -

Anthropology (Intro Anthro, Comparative Religion, Gender, Aging, Family)

Jean E. Kubeck - Rm. N-624

Adjudicative competency in Juveniles (Juveniles competency to stand trial in adult court). Age and job-related training performance. Age and job satisfaction.

Eric M. Rodriguez - Rm. N-625

Drawing from theory in the fields of personality psychology, social psychology and the psychology of religion, my current research interests pertain to the concepts of identity conflict and identity integration as they intersect with issues of faith, ethnicity and sexuality. My work has a strong applied focus that directly relates to such culturally salient issues as political ideation, fundamentalism, authoritarianism and intolerance. Other underlying themes include social justice, identity development and individual/institutional empowerment. I am focusing my current research efforts on writing up the results of my dissertation ("At the Intersection of Church and Gay: Religion, Spirituality, Conflict and Integration in Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual People of Faith") in a series of peer-reviewed journal articles. Future research plans include: 1) teaming with student researchers to continue analyzing the large amount of qualitative and quantitative data I have collected to date, 2) constructing instruments that more accurately measure identity conflict and integration between religious and sexual identities, 3) conducting an even larger survey study of GLB people of faith, and 4) writing an edited book highlighting the research in social/ personality psychology conducted on the lives of GLB people of faith to date.

Other Disciplines

Norbert O. Aneke (Career & Technology Teacher Education) - Rm. M-202

School-wide Education reform. Identification of concerns of implementers of education innovation in other to facilitate implementation.

Lloyd Carr (Advertising Design and Graphic Arts) - Rm. P100

How to get clean and perceptively similar color in both print and non-print graphic communications media.

Patricia A. Cholewka (Nursing) - Rm. P-505  PCholewka@CityTech.Cuny.Edu

International healthcare systems; Post-Soviet/transitional healthcare systems; healthcare/nursing informatics; simulation in nursing education; nursing leadership; organizational performance improvement; continuous quality improvement in healthcare.

Justin Davis (Humanities) - Rm. A-630

Communicative texts, cultural memory and social

Gaffar Gailani (Mechnical Engineering & Industrial Design) - Rm. V-533

Biomechanics, Strength of Materials, Computational work

Kara Pasner (Vision Care Technology) -

Research pertaining to vision/ eye disease.

Marcos S. Pinto (Computer Systems) - Rm. N-912

Client/Server Programming, Semantic Web, Web Services, Intelligent Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems

Carmen V. Negron (Human Services) - Rm. N-401

Research Methods

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