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Biological Sciences

The Biological Sciences Department at New York City College of Technology is made up of a very diverse group of faculty with just as impressive a combination of backgrounds and specialties. Faculty members are given the opportunity and encouraged to write grants and do research projects either by themselves, in collaboration with other faculty members or with selected students. Currently our faculty members are involved with research on Molecular Biology, Molecular Modeling, Cell Biology, Bioinformatics and Microbial Genetics, just to name a few.

The department services many programs within the college; many of the courses are required core courses, others fulfill science requirements, and yet others are used for science electives. The courses range from general basic foundation courses like a year sequence of General Biology and Anatomy and Physiology courses which are needed for most of the students majoring in the "Health-Related" programs to more advanced courses like Pathophysiology and Bioinformatics which are required or highly suggested electives for students in the more specialized programs.

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