Biology Club

The Biology Club is a great opportunity to learn about the latest research in biological sciences, as well as student research opportunities at City Tech, while making friends over pizza with students with similar interests. Interested? Call Dr. Vasily Kolchencko, Pearl 313, 718-260-5088

Chemistry Club

The Chemistry Club invites guest speakers to present the results of their research, or discuss career opportunities for those interested in Chemistry. Interested? Call Dr. Suresh Tewani, Pearl 613, 718-260-5850

Liberal Arts and Sciences Club

This club is an opportunity to attend cultural events or learn about varied topics of interest to liberal arts students including career and transfer opportunities, interviewing skills, etc. Refreshments are served at meetings. Interested? Call Dr. Hugh McDonald, Namm 629, 718-260-5412

Math Club

» Please visit the Math Club Webpage

Physics Club

In the Physics Club students can learn about interesting physics phenomena beyond the classroom. We also involve students in research with faculty and have taken students to physics conferences and presented papers with them. Interested? Call Dr. Ari Maller, Namm 811, 718-260-5276.

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