Faculty Publications


  • V. Acquaviva, A. Raichoor and E. Gawiser, "Simultaneous Estimation of Photometric Redshifts and SED Parameters: Improved Techniques and a Realistic Error Budget," ApJ 804, 8 (2015).
  • O. L. Berman, R. Ya. Kezerashvili, and K. Ziegler, "On the phase diagram of a two-dimensional electron–hole system," Physica E 71, 7-13 (2015).
  • H. Lu and J.F. Vazquez-Poritz, “Dynamic C-metrics in (gauged) supergravities,” Phys. Rev. D 91, 064004 (2015).
  • H. Lu, J.F. Vazquez-Poritz and Z. Zhang, “Strings on AdS wormholes and nonsingular black holes,” Class. Quant. Grav. 32, 025005 (2015).
  • J. Bridge, C. Gronwall, R. Ciardullo, A. Hagen, G. Zeimann, A. Malz, V. Acquaviva, D. Schneider, N. Drory, K. Gebhardt, S. Jogee, "Physical and Morphological Properties of [O II] Emitting Galaxies in the HETDEX Pilot Survey," ApJ 799, 205 (2015).
  • P. Kurczynski, E. Gawiser, M. Rafelski, H. Teplitz, V. Acquaviva, et al, "The UV Continuum of z > 1 Star-forming Galaxies in the Hubble
  • Ultraviolet UltraDeep Field," Astrophysical Journal Letters 793, L5 (2014).
  • J. Estes, D. Krym, and B. Van Pol "Near horizon geometry of strings ending on intersecting D8/D4-branes ," JHEP 1410 103 (2014).
  • T. Kereselidze, T. Tchelidze, and R. Ya. Kezerashvili, "Energy levels of a particle confined in an ellipsoidal potential well," Physica E 68, 65-71 (2015).
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