Vladimir Boyko

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Vladimir Boyko

Courses Taught:

  • PHYS1433
  • PHYS1433L
  • PHYS1434
  • PHYS1434L
  • PHYS1441
  • PHYS1442L


  • DS. - Physics. Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 1984.
  • PhD - Physics. Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 1967.
  • M.S. - Physics. Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology, 1965.

Research Interests:

Reversible Crystal Plasticity. Theoretical and experimental investigations of twinning in advanced materials. Computer simulation of the atomic structure of interfaces (twin and grain boundaries). Effect of interfaces on the superconducting properties of high-temperature superconductors. Real photonic crystals studies. Acoustic emission studies.

Publications and Presentations:

  • V.S. Boyko, R.Ya. Kezerashvili, "Influence of grain boundaries on the charge order formation in the high-temperature superconductor", Solid State Communications, vol. 149, p.1254 (2009).
  • O.L. Berman, V.S. Boyko, R.Ya. Kezerashvili, and Yu.E. Lozovik, "Monochromatic infrared wave propagation in 2D superconductor -dielectric photonic crystal", Laser Physics, vol. 19, p.1235 (2009).
  • V.S. Boyko, "Dislocation description of twins in high-temperature superconductor YBCO", Low Temp. Phys. vol. 34, pp. 503-507 (2008).
  • O.L. Berman, V.S. Boyko, R. Ya. Kezerashvili, Yu. E. Lozovik, "Anomalous far-infrared transmission through a film of type-II superconductor in magnetic field", Phys. Rev. B, vol. 78, pp. 094506-1 - 096506-7 (2008).
  • V.S. Boyko, Siu-Wai Chan, Microstructure design by twinning in high-temperature superconductor YBCO for enhanced Jc at high magnetic fields", Physica C, vol .466, pp. 56-60, (2007).
  • R. Ya. Kezerashvili, V.S. Boyko, Pion double charge exchange in a composite-meson model" Phys. Rev. C, vol. 75, pp. 015203-1-6, (2007).
  • Linfeng Mei, V.S. Boyko, Siu-Wai Chan, Twin Engineering for high-critical current densities in bulk YBCO, Physica C, vol. 439, pp. 78-84, (2006).
  • S.C. Chan, M. Chopra, L. Mei, and V.S. Boyko, The effect of twin spacing and intersection on critical current densities in bulk, The MRS Spring Meeting, San Francisco, CA, April 17 - 21, Program, p.230, 2006.
  • V.S. Boyko, R. Ya. Kezerashvili, and A.M. Levine, The transport properties of large-angle grain boundaries containing point defects in YBCO, Phys. Rev. B, vol.69, p. 212502 (2004).
  • V.S. Boyko, Siu-Wai Chan, and M. Chopra, The shape of a twin as related to the inelastic forces acting on twinning dislocations in YBCO, Phys. Rev. B, v. 63, p. 224521, 2001.
  • 11. V.S. Boyko and A.M. Levine, The atomic structure of large-angle grain boundaries Sigma5 and Sigma13 in YBCO and their transport properties, Phys. Rev. B, v. 64, p. 224525, 2001.
  • A.B. Kuklov and V.S. Boyko, Strong intercoversion of non-polar phonons and Josephson plasma oscillations induced by equilibrium currents in high-Tc superconductors, Phys. Rev. B, v. 63, p. 214514, 2001.
  • Siu-Wai Chan and V.S. Boyko, Mobility of grain boundary dislocations during the conservative untwisting of [001] twist boundaries. Phys. Rev. B, v. 53(24), p. 16579, 1996.
  • V.S. Boyko, J. Malinsky, N. Abdellatif, and V.V. Boyko, The estimation of thickness of the nonsuperconducting layer at the interfaces in YBCO, Phys. Lett. A, v. 244, p. 561, 1998.
  • Manoj Chopra, S.W. Chan, V.S. Boyko, R.L. Meng, and C.W. Chu, Twin structures in lagre grains of 123 as affected by the dispersion and volume fractions of 211, In C.W. Chu and K.A. Muller, editors, Abstracts, 10th Anniversary HTS Workshop on Physics, Materials and Applications, p. 49, Houston, Texas, March 1996.
  • A.B. Kuklov, V.S. Boyko, and J.Malinsky, Instability in the current biased o-pi Josephson junction, Phys. Rev. B, v. 51, p.11965, 1995.
  • V.S. Boyko, R.I. Garber, and A.M. Kossevich. Reversible Crystal Plasticity. American Institute of Physics, New York, 1994.
  • V.S. Boyko and D.N. Beshers, Investigation of twinning kinetics by acoustic methods, In M.H. Yoo and M. Wuttig, editors, Twinning in Advanced Materials, p. 351, Warrendale, PA, 1994. TMS.
  • V.S. Boiko, V.F. Kivshik, and L.F. Krivenko, Experimental investigation of sound emission on annihilation of dislocations in a crystal, Sov. Phys. - JETP, v. 51, p. 401, 1980.
  • A.M. Kosevich and V.S. Boiko, Dislocation theory of the elastic twinning of crystals, Sov. Phys. - Uspekhi, v. 14, p. 286, 1971. The total number of publications includes 2 books and more than 100 articles. The Science Citation Index mentions about 750 citations of these works. 5 of the citations were made by V.L. Ginzburg (The Nobel prize winner in Physics, 2003).

Professional Societies and Awards:

  • American Physical Society
  • Materials Resarch Society
  • 2009 Received Citation Award "Who's Who in America 2010", 64th Edition, Marquis Who's Who LLC, Vol. 1, p. 496, 2010.
  • 2007 Received Citation Award "Who's Who Among America's Teachers. Honoring Our Nation's Most Respected Teachers", 11th Annual Edition, Educational Communications Inc., Vol. 1, p.47, 2007.
  • K.D. Sinelnikov Prize of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine - 1999.
  • Prize from Scientific Council of Atomic Energy Committee of the USSR in the Field of Radiation Damage of Materials - 1986.
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