Shi Li-May Li

» Pearl Building 508 (P-508)

» 718.260.5669


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Shi Li-May Li

Ms. Shi Li-May Li is a Senior CLT (College Lab Technician) in the Department of Nursing. She is responsible for managing and overseeing class and lab activities in the nursing lab and N.E.L.L. (Nursing Enhancement Learning Laboratory). Within these class and lab activities, Ms. Shi Li-May Li performs technological tasks for students and administrative requests for faculty.

Ms. Shi Li-May Li received her Masters of Science in Information Systems from The City College of New York. She also has Associate degree in Nursing for Registered Professional Nurses (RN). In clinical experience, Ms. Shi Li-May Li has worked over 15 years in the Medical Intensive Care Unit, Open Heart Surgery Unit, Maternity and Newborn Center.

Currently working as a Senior CLT (College Lab Technician), Ms. Shi Li-May also is an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Computer Systems Technology. Through supporting the Department of Nursing and teaching in the Department of Computer Systems Technology, Ms. Shi Li-May Li will continue to play an active role in serving this academic institution.

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