1. MACHINE SHOP LABORATORY Our machining Laboratory is fully equipped with machines to machine simple or more advanced mechanical projects. This Lab is designed to help beginners or professionals that want to renew their skills.

2. CNC MACHINING LABORATORY- Our CNC Machining Laboratory has a new High Tech Mazak Vertical Milling Center that runs from our CAD/CAM software to produce and test more advanced mechanical projects.

3. DESTRUCTIVE TESTING LABORATORY- Our Destructive Testing Laboratory has various machines for tension, torsion, impact, and shear. Also, it is equipped with many Rockwell and Brinell hardness testing machines.

4. NON-DESTRUCTIVE LABORTORY- Our Non-Destructive Testing Laboratory has ZYGLO Penetrate and Magnetic Particle testing with a number of other different testing stations to find hairline defects in mechanical parts.

5. HEAT TREATING AND MOLD POURING LABORATORY- Our Heat Treat and Mold Pouring Laboratory is for heat treating of various materials and testing hardness before and after. Our students also melt down material in our blast furnace and pour molds made on premises.

6. MICRO-ANALYSIS LABORATORY- Our Micro-Analysis Laboratory is equipped with high powered microscopes to analyze the micro-structure of different materials.

7. THREE HIGH TECH COMPUTER LABS- Our Computer Laboratories are have the latest versions of a variety of Cad/Cam programs and all new high powered computers to produce realistic 3D, Animation, and 2D projects.

8. CLUB ROOM WITH NEW COMPUTERS- Our Student Club Room is fully equipped with all new computers loaded with all CAD/CAM programs used in our curriculum. Also, it is a meeting area for our club members to gather, plan, and construct mechanical projects.