Satyanand Singh

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Satyanand Singh


MPhil, PhD/ABD 2010 CUNY Grad Center

Courses Taught:

NYCCT (Undergraduate Level): Remediation, Pre Calculus, Calculus Sequence, Differential Equations, Statistics Sequence, Numerical Analysis, Cryptography and Stochastic Processes.

CCNY (Undergraduate Level): Abstract Algebra and Advanced Calculus. (Graduate Level) NY State fellows in Education, Linear algebra

Courses that I am interested in teaching:
Mat 2070, Mat 3020, Mat 3050, Mat 3075, Mat 3080, Mat 4030 and Mat 4050


Visualizing Calculus by way of maple: An emphasis on Problem solving by A. Taraporevala, N.Benakli and S. Singh. Published by Mc. Graw Hill Publishers, April 2011


Recent: A proof of Fermat's last theorem. Presentation was made on February 16th, 2012 to NYCCT Mathematics Club.

Professional Activity and Accomplishments:

Presenter at the annual NYSMATYC Conference on the innovative uses of the Maple software to enhance mathematics instruction.

Succesfully supervised the Perkins Grant component for the Computer Science and Mathematics department to improve student retention and pass rates from 2010 to 2012.

Mentoring: Cuny BA mentor to two students currently.
Mentor to undergraduate students in mathematics research. Their work were given notable recognition and published. Research areas include number theory, abstract algebra, hyperbolic functions and statistics.

Membership in Professional Organizations:

Member of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA), American Mathematical Association of America (AMA), New York State Mathematics Association of Two Year colleges (NYSMATYC) and, The Golden Key National Organization. Notary Public of New York State.


Solve monthly problems, sports and trekking.

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