Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics

The Applied Mathematics program is designed for students with an interest in mathematics and real-world problem-solving.


Information Science (AIB) Graduates can work as analysts in the information industries with job titles that include data analyst, network engineer and IT specialist. These analysts use computer-based mathematical models to optimize communication networks.

Financial Science (AFB) Analysts in the financial industries use computer-based mathematical models to analyze securities (such as stocks) in order to project future prices and provide assessment of risk. They help businesses and individuals to make investment decisions. The curriculum places a heavy emphasis on statistics and on the computer programming skills needed in applications.

Science (ASB) This concentration is designed for those interested in applying mathematics to medical and related industries. There is an emphasis on statistics, biology and chemistry. Options for graduates include scientist, research analyst, scientific programmer and statistician. Applications include designing experiments to test drug safety and effectiveness, creating computer-based models of the spread of disease and assessing the risks of different medical treatments.

Degree Requirements:

Our degree program offers you a solid grounding in the applications of mathematics. Each major completes a common set of course and chooses an area of application: Information Science, Financial Science or Science. Our program includes a two- semester internship, which is designed to help you reach your career objectives. This will provide you with work experience that is essential when looking for employment.


Students applying for admission must meet the college standards for admission into a baccalaureate program and must be eligible to enroll in Calculus (MAT 1475/MA 475).

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