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Student Research Opportunities

One of the unique opportunities as a college student is to participate in research with faculty members. The faculty at New York City College of Technology are actively engaged in research that spans anthropology, astronomy, biology, chemistry, health sciences, history, literature, mathematics, philosophy, physics, psychology, robotics, theater. sociology and others. Most people learn about these fields only through books, magazine articles, television and museums - long after research has actually been completed. But student researchers have the opportunity to participate in these fields as discoveries are being made. This exciting opportunity is available only to college students. If you are interested, speak with a faculty member with whom you would like to work about mentoring or email ResearchLiaison@CityTech.Cuny.Edu.

Why Student Research?

There are a number of reasons to participate in research while at New York College of Technology. Here are just a few.

  1. Work on campus between classes.
    Most students have class schedules with one or two hours of time between classes. While this is a good time to study, for most students it is impractical to commute to work and then back during these breaks. Working as a student researcher means that you don't have to go to a job somewhere else. You can schedule meetings with your faculty mentor and work on your research project between your classes. This gives you more time for your studies and relieves some of the tension between work and school.
  2. Learn more about a subject.
    Participating in research is one of the best ways to learn more about a field of study. In college you are presented with courses in many different areas. You may find one of these courses interesting and decide that you want to think about a career in that subject or simply understand it more fully. Being a research scholar gives you the opportunity to learn more about a field of study. You will learn what issues are currently at the forefront of that field, what it is like to work in the field, the type of careers that are available and what it takes to pursue one.
  3. Pad your resume.
    When you are looking for a job after graduation, what is going to set you apart? Having been a student researcher looks great on a resume. It shows you are interested and motivated in a field hopefully related to the job you are seeking. Also, it gives you experience working on a project which is more like a real job than taking classes. Finally, it gives you something besides grades to present as your work. Most research projects end up as posters, or even publications, which you can then use to display your accomplishments. If your research project results in a publication this is considered a very impressive resume builder.
  4. Become close to a faculty member.
    As a student researcher you have the opportunity to work closely with a faculty member. Faculty members can be of great help to you, recommending what classes to take, suggesting career possibilities and introducing you to contacts. Also, you may need a letter of recommendation from a faculty member, whether for a scholarship, a job or admission into a graduate program. If you have worked on research with a faculty member they can write a more detailed and more effective letter of recommendation for you, which can really help you later on.

Summer Research

There are many opportunities to do research during the summer break at colleges, national labs and companies around the country (and the world). These positions can be highly competitive, so having some previous research experience can help your chances. These positions often pay a summer salary, living expenses and transportation to the site. Below are some examples. For more information, look at our website or contact ResearchLiaison@CityTech.Cuny.Edu.

Student Research at the Annual Poster Session


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