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Law and Paralegal Studies

Law and Paralegal Studies
Law and Paralegal Studies
Namm Hall 622 (N-622)
Chair: Prof. Concetta I. Mennella

The terms "Paralegal" and "Legal Assistant" are used interchangeably. Both terms refer to people who are specially trained to assist attorneys with all forms of substantive legal work. Paralegals are not permitted to practice law. They may perform substantive legal work only under the supervision of a licensed attorney.

Our programs in legal assistant studies provide you with both an understanding of law and the practical skills and technical proficiency needed to competently function in today's complex legal environment. The program offers two degree options -- both approved by the American Bar Association -- the Bachelor of Science and an Associate in Applied Science.

Both degree programs combine a solid background in liberal arts with a full range of specialty courses.

Graduates of our programs are employed in private law firms of various sizes, in corporate law departments, federal, state and local government agencies and the courts and in agencies providing legal services for the poor.


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