Martin Garfinkle

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Martin Garfinkle, DSW


DSW, Adelphi University
MSW, BA, Yeshiva University

Professional Experience

I have been teaching at City Tech for the past sixteen years. I feel gratified that I have taught human service students many invaluable lessons and skills that will follow them for the rest of their lives. I believe that education can be fun, but at the same time I demand excellence from my students.

It is my hope that all of our human service students will reach for the "gold" as far as advancing in the profession. I encourage students to move from the Associate degree to the Bachelor of Science degree in human services. Beyond education at City Tech, I encourage students to go for a Master's degree and to consider going for a doctorate if that is consistent with their career goals.

I enjoy teaching Introduction to Counseling as well as group dynamics since counseling is a strong component of what student do in the field. My specialty is in the substance abuse field and I have a keen interest in understanding how depression and anxiety play a role in people's lives who are suffering from these disorders.

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