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Welcome to the Department of Humanities

Art History
Art History is a discipline within the Humanities Department that examines the history of artistic production in a rich variety of contexts. Study involves the investigation of the world's monuments and images from a variety of perspectives, from visual analysis of the works of art themselves, to inquiries into the lives of artists, and to examinations of the social, political and cultural contexts in which works of art are made. Works of art in all media (painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, architecture, the decorative arts, and photography, film, and video) are considered.

The communication curriculum explores the process of human interaction in social, political, cultural, and global contexts. Our courses contribute to liberal arts education and promote communication research and development. Drawing on both qualitative and quantitative methods, teaching and scholarship in the discipline include international and intercultural communication, oral performance, public speaking, and communication in group and business settings. Grounded in the social sciences and professional approaches to human interaction, our courses prepare students for a variety of careers demanding leadership and the ability to confront emerging local and global communication challenges. Courses engage theory, research, and practice. In doing so, our curriculum promotes competencies required for various modes of mediated and unmediated messaging, while developing skills for analyzing, interpreting, and solving communication problems.

Foreign Language
The Foreign Language Program includes courses in Arabic, Chinese, French and Spanish. Language courses are part of the core curriculum requirement for students in the Liberal Arts and Arts Associate Degree Program (two or three semesters) or as an elective in the Liberal Arts and Science Associate Degree Program of the School of Liberal Arts and Science or any other college division (School of Professional Studies, School of Technology and Design) or degree program (Associate / Bachelor's Degree) at City Tech. Students planning to enroll in a foreign language course at City Tech for the first time should take a placement test, intended to measure their degree of proficiency, if any, and, accordingly, their corresponding starting level of language instruction. To this end, the Program offers three semesters of language instruction (Elementary I-II and Intermediate I Arabic, Chinese and French). Spanish courses, on the other hand, include Elementary I-II, Intermediate I-II, and two upper-level courses (survey of Spanish literature) requiring an advanced level of the language.

The foreign language courses at City Tech are designed to develop students' communicative and cross-cultural competencies. The acquisition of communicative, cognitive and cultural skills will enable students to act and interact productively in a globalized and diverse society, where professional, intercultural and multitasking abilities are expected.

The discipline of Music provides high quality instruction in the musical arts to cultivate knowledge and creative activity in the areas of music history, musicology, performance, and theory. These studies draw on live performances within the rich music scene of NYC to complement classroom learning, thus enriching the lives of students by developing artistic sensitivity and critical thinking.

The theatre courses offered in the Humanities Department are a good starting point for students curious about live performance. Performance is examined in the light of theatre history and literature, as well as practical considerations made by theatre artists for producing live events. Theatre courses give interested students an overview of the preparations for, and methods of, acting, designing, playwriting, and directing, as well as insights into the historical development of stage technologies and performance spaces. These courses provide students with a solid foundation to enrich their experiences as theatre audience members.
Theatre courses support the Entertainment Technology major and complement courses in Architectural Technology, English, and the Social Sciences. Courses carrying the THE designation are academic courses that meet Liberal Arts requirements. Courses labeled PERF are practical workshops in performance. The courses offered are Introduction to Theatre, History of Theatre, Play Analysis and Aesthetics and Drama Workshop

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