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Atrium 630 (A-630)
Chair: Prof. Ann Delilkan
Phone: 718.254.8673

The humanities focus on those elements of every human culture which spring from the rational and artistic creativity of the human spirit. In every human society, creativity expresses itself in art, language, music and the performing arts. Both the creation of these forms of expression and the developed ability to comprehend them fully provide a deeply enriching and ennobling influence on one's life.

Speech, theatre and performing arts courses offered in the department provide students with both the oral communication skills necessary for academic, career and personal advancement, and the aesthetic awareness derived from study of the theory and practice of the performing arts.

Most courses offered in the humanities department are part of other degree-granting programs. In the Associate in Arts (AA) degree program in Liberal Arts and Sciences, humanities courses fulfill art, foreign language, music and speech requirements; they can further be chosen as electives. In the Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree program in Liberal Arts and Sciences, designated speech courses can fulfill the communications requirement; other humanities courses can be chosen as electives. In other programs, humanities courses may be taken as fulfillment of Core requirements in communications (COMM) and aesthetics (AES).

Ms. Sharon Boyd
Office: A-630
Phone: 718.260.5018

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