Associate in Applied Science in Hospitality Management

The AAS degree program provides students with a solid foundation in theory and current practices of the hospitality industry and a core of liberal arts and science courses that will prepare students for flexible career development. Students completing the associate degree will:

Demonstrate basic technical and managerial skills through comprehensive applied management curriculum offerings of hotel management, culinary and pastry arts, and food and beverage management while integrating elements of liberal arts.

Demonstrate proficiency in the basic vocabulary, concepts and tools of the hospitality industry.

Develop the necessary communication and critical thinking skills for successful careers.

Acquire an understanding of social responsibility through involvement in community service.

Placement in Hospitality Management Courses

Placement in any HMGT courses requires CUNY proficiency in reading, writing and mathematics. Students who do not, upon entrance, pass all three CUNY skills-assessment tests will first be required to take the applicable developmental coursework.

Transfer Students

Students in any other program in this college who wish to transfer into the hospitality management associate degree program must be CUNY proficient in reading, writing and mathematics and must have earned a cumulative average of 2.5 or higher. Space permitting, students meeting these criteria will be accepted.

There are great differences in hospitality management course offerings from one college to another. Credit will be granted for courses taken at other colleges if the courses are considered equivalent to those offered at City Tech. Final determination of transfer credits will be made by the Registrar of City Tech and the Chair of the Hospitality Management Department.

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