Damon Baker

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Damon Baker

Damon Loren Baker is the Assistant Professor of Interactive Entertainment at CUNY City Tech in Brooklyn, where he teaches in the Emerging Media and Entertainment Technology programs. He conducts research as a member of Studio Blue, the Brooklyn Waterfront Research Center and the City Tech Psychology Research Lab on the creation of tools for human computer interaction with virtual worlds for the humanities, arts, and social sciences that are based on current research in cognitive science and implemented using current techniques in high performance computing and visualization.

He is a member of ManifestAR, an augmented reality artists group featured in the New York Times, Wired, etc and exhibited in MoMA, ICA, The Venice Biennale, etc sometimes even with their permission. He is also the video systems designer and programmer for the Unreliable Bestiary. a series of live multimedia performances that was featured at the Sundance festival in 2011.

Previously he was the Associate Curator of Art, Design, and Technology at the Krannert Art Museum at UIUC where he curated the Intermedia Gallery and the CANVAS immersive virtual reality system for the public exhibition of virtual art objects with the Illinois Simulator Laboratory of the Beckman Institute, conducted research as member of the Creative Computing lab at the Siebel Center for Computer Science and the Cultural Informatics lab at NCSA, and performed as a member of the UIUC Digital Collective. He came to UIUC from Brown University where he studied and worked at the Center for Computation and Visualization on spatial hypertext systems for the Department of Literary Arts. He has also been a R+D Fellow at Wolfram Research, Music Director for a public radio station, and an archaeologist.

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