Bachelor of Technology in Emerging Media Technologies

The BTech in Emerging Media Technologies is a highly interdisciplinary four-year degree that integrates media design, computing and engineering. The first year provides comprehensive overviews and hands-on experiences in digital, tangible and interactive media. In the second year students elect one of three Concentrations: Media Design, Media Computing or Entertainment Engineering. Concentrations include coursework offered in participating departments, including Computer Engineering, Computer Systems, Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications, and Architectural Technology. In the third and fourth years students collaborate through Interdisciplinary Team Projects, while they continue courses in their concentration area.

The program is one of a kind in its approach integrating media design theory and practice, computational media models and principles, and engineering methodology and implementation. In collaborative learning workshops, students gain hands-on experience using media production tools, develop skills in rapid prototyping, system integration, teamwork, software knowledge, and the knowledge to evaluate the viability of new media technologies. Advanced students create new media tools and software. The goal is to cultivate creative thinking capable of anticipating future applications of media technologies.

The program requires a portfolio review to continue after the first two semesters. Portfolio examples must be in at least one of the following areas: media, design, software programming, hardware engineering. Entertainment Technology 215 Students will complete the program with a technical production portfolio in their concentration area, a basic understanding of each of the concentration areas, and skills in production management, collaborative production (teamwork), and cooperative project design (collaborative design).

Students will also learn general media and production technology including computer aided drafting and design software, simulation software, 3D modeling software, and digital media production competencies in audio, video, and web-based media. All students master basic competencies in interaction design.

Articulation Agreements

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