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Rebecca Shapiro

Courses Taught:

ENG 1101, ENG 1121, ENG 1161, ENG 2000, ENG 2101, ENG 3401


Ph. D., Eighteenth-Century British Literature, Nine-teenth-Century British Literature, ESL, Purdue University

M. A./B. A., The University of Akron, Eighteenth-Century British Literature

Academic Interests:

Sociolinguistics, dictionary writing, and etymology; eighteenth-and nineteenth-century British women writers; Jewish-American authors, the immigrant experience; the literature of passing


Principles of Applied Lexicography: An Historical Anthology, New York: AMS Press, 2015.



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Conference presentations:

“Roundtable on Pedagogy,” Columbia School Linguistic Society Institute for the Study of Form, Meaning, and Human Behavior in Language, New York City, NY, August 2014.

“‘Are You My Mother?’ ‘No!’: Nurturing In and Out of the Classroom.” American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies, Williamsburg, VA, March 2014.

“Eighteenth-Century Versions of Linguistic Field Work and the ‘Vulgar’ Tongue.” British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies. St. Hugh’s College, Oxford University, UK., January 2014.

"Religion, Lexicography, and Ladies." Canadian Society for Eighteenth Century Studies, London, ONT, October 2013.

“Robert Cawdrey’s Retiring Women: Religious Life and Recusancy.” East Central Society for Eighteenth Century Studies, November 2013.

“Language for Ladies.” Dictionary Society of North America, Athens, GA, June 2013.

“Masculinity, Power, and the Jew Bill of 1753.” American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies, Cleveland, March 2013.

“Teaching Law through Literature.” American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies, Cleveland, March 2013.

“Works in Progress: My Dictionary Book.” East Central Society for Eighteenth Century Studies, Baltimore, November 2012.

“Separated By a Common Language: Teaching British Literature to New York City Undergraduates Across Time, Space, and Generations.” Literary London, Institute for English Studies, London, 2010.

“The Harmless Drudge's Guide to Editing Prefaces and Theoretical Front Matter in Dictionaries Before the OED.” American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Albuquerque, 2010.

“Making Adminstration and Scholarship Work.” American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Richmond, VA, March 2009.

"Constant Commenting: Language and Conversation in Tristram Shandy”  East Central Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Washington, DC, November 2008.

“After Locke: Prescriptivism and Descriptivism in Maria Edgeworth’s Children’s Literature.” American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Portland, OR, March 2008.

“Anaphora in Tristram Shandy.”  International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Montpellier, France, July 2007.

“Newgate College: The Practical Education of Moll Flanders.” Literary London, University of Greenwich, UK, January 2006.

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“Jews, Masculinity and the Gothic.”  American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies, Montreal, March 2006.

“Roxana in the City.” Literary London, Kingston University, Kingston, UK, July 2005.

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“Masculinity in Northanger Abbey, Wild Irish Girl, and Ivanhoe.” Northeast American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies. New York City, October 2002.

“Fostering Better Writing Through a Freshman Composition Conference.” Conference on College Composition and Communication (4C). Chicago, March 2002.

“Commerce and Motherhood in Defoe's Roxana.” British Society for Eighteenth Century Studies. Cambridge, UK., January, 2002.

“Domestic (M)Otherhood: The “Unnatural” Mother/Child Relationship in Defoe's Fiction.” Group for Early Modern Cultural Studies. Philadelphia, November 2001.

“Widening the Sphere of Influence: A Freshman Composition Conference” SC/MLA. Tulsa, November 2001.

“Educating the English: Linguistic Imperialism and Pedagogy in Castle Rackrent and Essay on Irish Bulls.” British Society for Eighteenth Century Studies. Oxford, U.K., January 2001.

“Reading Tristram Shandy”. Canadian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies. Toronto, October 2000.

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“Gender and the 1753 Jew Bill.” Midwest Jewish Studies Association. Chicago, October 1998.

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“Selling Yourself on the Market.” East Central American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies. Collegeville, PA, October 1997.

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"Anti-Semitism With and Without Jews in Maria Edgeworth's Harrington." East Central American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies. Newark, DE, October 1995.

"Learning Authority: From Graduate Student to Scholar.” The Penn State Conference on Rhetoric and Composition. State College, PA, July 1995.

The Female Quixote Through Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations." Midwest American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies. Bloomington-Normal, IL, October 1994.

"A Resisting Reading of Jessica in Castle Rackrent.” Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century British Women Writers. East Lansing, MI, April 1994.

 Current Projects: 
*Editorial consultant for AMS Press and Associated University Presses

*Reviewer and Editor for various adult and children’s dictionaries: Oxford University Press, Collins, Scholastic

*Principles of Applied Lexicography: A Historical Anthology, under contract with AMS Press.

Editorial Consultant, Visual Thesaurus, 2010-present

Grants and Awards

PSC-CUNY Summer Stipend, 2014

William Stewart Travel Award, CUNY Academy, 2014

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