Patricia S. Rudden

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Patricia S. Rudden, Professor

Courses Taught:

ENG 090, ENG 092, ENG 1101, ENG 1201, ENG 2000, ENG 2200,

ENG 2201, ENG 2202, ENG 3402, ENG 3404


PhD CUNY Graduate School English     

MA Hunter College English

BA Hunter College English

Academic Interests:

American 19th century, British literature (medieval-19th C), women in popular music


"Saved by the Net."   Perspectives 1996-97
"Ancestral Allusions."  Perspectives 1997-98
"Melville's Jews."  Perspectives 1998-99    
"Dr. Bigelow's Prescription." Perspectives 1999-2000
"Melville Goes to School," Perspectives 2000-2001

“Harmonic Convergence: Beginning to Read Laura Nyro's 'Eli and the Thirteenth Confession'.”  Perspectives 2001-2002

“'There She Stands': Browning's Cordelia.” Perspectives 2002-2003

“Shine Everybody Shine: Learning to Make the Moves in Laura Nyro's 'Mercy on Broadway.'”  Perspectives 2003-2004.
"Melville's Post Office," Melville Society Extracts February 2001
"Bartleby on the Ferry."  Melville Society Extracts July 2001

“'There She Stands': Browning's Cordelia.” Perspectives 2003

“Shine Everybody Shine: Learning to Make the Moves in Laura Nyro's 'Mercy on Broadway.'” Perspectives 2004

“Bartleby the Grievant: A Time-Warped Case.” Perspectives 2005

“Mining the Page: A Committee Annotation Project for Introduction to Composition.” Perspectives 2006

“Errands Back Into the Wilderness: Irving, Hawthorne, and the Mission to Establish American Literature.” Perspectives 2007
“Crossing Brooklyn Ferry.” Encyclopedia article. American History Through Literature 1820-1870 Charles Scribner’s Sons, December 2005

"Blindness Never Brewed: A Dickinson Analogue of Nyro's 'Sweet Blindness.'"  Emily Dickinson International Bulletin, May-June 2006

“Stacking the Wax: The Structure of Laura Nyro’s Studio Albums.” Singing for Themselves: Essays on Women in Popular Music.  Ed. Patricia Spence Rudden. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007.  25-38.

Singing for Themselves: New Essays on Women in Popular Music, editor. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007.

In progress: Jacob Bigelow, Poetic Satire, and the "Rejected Addresses" Phenomenon

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