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Jane Mushabac, Professor

Jane Mushabac's 2016 book, His Hundred Years, A Tale by Shalach Manot is a novel she wrote on a Mellon Fellowship and with three PSC-CUNY Creative Writing grants; in manuscript it won an award in the Leapfrog Press international fiction contest. Shalach Manot is a pen name she uses for her Sephardic fiction. She wrote her short story "Pasha: Ruminations of David Aroughetti" in Ladino; it has appeared in English and Ladino. Her NPR radio play, Mazal Bueno: A Portrait in Song of the Spanish Jews, is available as a CD, and her "Joya Gormezano," has been performed by Tovah Feldshuh in an off-Broadway show that has toured to over fifty cities here and abroad. Recent fiction readings include events at Harvard University, University of Washington, SUNY New Paltz, Tufts, City College, California State University Long Beach, Hunter College, Queensborough Community College, The Americas Society, and Brooklyn College. The book she co-authored, A Short and Remarkable History of New York City (Fordham University Press and the Museum of the City of New York), a "Best of the Best" of the American Association of University Presses, is in its 5th printing; and she was interviewed as a NYC historian in an NBC television documentary. Her book on Herman Melville was called “bold and ambitious” by Sewanee Review and she has contributed notable essays on Melville to Columbia Journal of American Studies, and a Modern Language Association volume. She has also written an NEH-funded podcast, "Civil War Stories," on Walt Whitman. Prof. Mushabac's writing has been translated into Russian, German, Bulgarian, and Turkish. She teaches Creative Writing at City Tech to students from all over the world. She is the founder of City Tech Writer, which showcases distinguished undergraduate writing from all disciplines at the college.


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"Texts," lyrics of fifteenth-century songs and ballads. Trans. from the Spanish Jane Mushabac. Mazal Bueno CD booklet (Western Wind Records, 1992).

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