Caroline Hellman

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Caroline Hellman, Associate Professor


Fulbright Scholar in American Literature, 2010-2011, University of Antwerp, Belgium

At City Tech: Annual Literary Arts Festival Chair; Developmental Writing Program Coordinator

Courses Taught:

ENG 3401 Law and Literature; ENG 3402 Topics in Literature; ENG 2200 American Literature I; ENG 2201 American Literature II; ENG 2150 Women Writers; ENG 2000 Perspectives in Literature; ENG 2001 Introduction to Fiction; ENG 092W Developmental Writing


B.A., Wellesley College

M.Phil, Ph.D., CUNY Graduate Center

Academic Interests:

Interior Design, Architecture, and Literature; Material Culture: Urban Studies; Geography; Ethnic American Literature



CATskills: Mastering the CATW (CUNY Assessment Test in Writing) and College Writing, Second Edition (co-authored with Robert Ostrom) (Kendall Hunt, 2013)

CATskills: Mastering the CATW (CUNY Assessment Test in Writing) and College Writing (co-authored with Robert Ostrom) (Kendall Hunt, 2012)

Domesticity and Design in American Women's Lives and Literature: Stowe, Alcott, Cather, and Wharton Writing Home (Routledge, 2011)


"A Moveable Self: Edith Wharton's Library and Its Return to The Mount. Edith Wharton Review 30.1 (Spring 2014). (forthcoming, 2014).

"Shut Not Your Doors to Me, Proud Libraries!": The Repatriation of Edith Wharton's Library." (accepted for publication in book collection, Literary Foundations: The State and History of American Literary Tourism, eds. Jennifer Harris and Hilary Iris Lowe) (forthcoming)

"Remedial Students and the Hallway." The Chronicle of Higher Education. Diversity in Academe Special Issue. 28 October 2013: C34-35. (2013)

"A Walker in the City: Lee's Native Speaker, Lethem's Motherless Brooklyn, and Whitman's Cartographic Legacy." Studies in American Culture 36.1 (October 2013): 29-54.

"Taking Up Thoreau's Pencil: A Luddite Explores Uses of Technology in the American Literature Classroom." Teaching American Literature: A Journal of Theory and Practice. Summer 2011 (4:4).

"Mens Sana in Corpore Sano: Implementing and Evaluating Writing Across the Curriculum Strategies in Physical Education." The Physical Educator (4): 170-179. (2009)

"Chintz Goes to War: Edith Wharton's Revised Designs for Home and Homefront." Edith Wharton Review 23.2 (Spring 2007): 8-13.

"The Other American Kitchen: Alternative Domesticity in 1950s Politics, Design, and Fiction." Americana: The Journal of American Popular Culture. 3.2 (Fall 2004): n. pag. Web.

"New York Unearthed: 9/11, Let the Great World Spin, and the Archaeology of Grief." ( The City after 9/11: Literature, Film, Culture, ed. Keith Wilhite (Fairleigh Dickinson UP, 2015).

"Standardizing Tests and Individuals." Idiom: New York State TESOL Journal (Fall 2014): 12-13.

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