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George Guida, Professor


PhD, English, CUNY Graduate School
MA, English, Queens College, CUNY
BA, English, Columbia College, Columbia University

Professional Bio:

George Guida is a poet, fiction writer, playwright and critic. He co-edits the literary journal 2 Bridges Review. Since his appointment to City Tech's faculty in 1998, he has served as Coordinator of City Tech's Writing Across the Curriculum Program, Director of Coordinated Undergraduate Education, English Department Programmer, and President of the Italian American Studies Association. He teaches creative writing, literature, American studies, and composition. In 2013 he was named City Tech's Scholar on Campus.

Academic Interests:

Creative Writing, Poetry, Fiction, Humor, American Studies, Ethnic Studies, Composition

Courses Taught:

Creative Writing (ENG 1141), Introduction to Literature: Poetry (ENG 2003), Humor in America (ENG 3402), Perspectives in Literature (ENG 2000), Advanced Technical Writing (ENG 3773), Composition II (1121), Composition I (1101)


Books and Productions

Pugilistic (poems). Cincinnati: WordTech Editions, 2015.
Spectacles of Themselves: Essays in Italian American Literature and Popular Culture.
New York: Bordighera Press, 2015.  
Letters from Suburbia: A Novel. New York: The Sutton Press, 2013. E-book.
The Pope Stories and Other Tales of Troubled Times. New York: Bordighera Press, 2012.
"In Queens I Bare My Ambitious Soul" (a film by Richard Shpuntoff, produced as part
of the Subway Poetry Film Series, based on the poem "Manhattan-Bound F"),
The Pope Play (play), staged reading by Teatromania and Theaterworks, Brooklyn,
New York, 2009.
New York and Other Lovers (poems). New York: Smalls Books, 2008.
Low Italian (poems). New York: Bordighera Press, 2006. [Bordighera Poetry Prize     Finalist]
Bordighera Press, 2014.
The Peasant and the Pen: Men, Enterprise and the Recovery of Culture in Italian
 American Narrative. New York: Peter Lang, 2003.

Edited Books

What is Italian America?: Selected Essays from the Italian American Studies Association.
Eds. G. Guida, A Gravano, J. Kightlinger, S. Pugliese, and P. Vellon. New York:
Bordighera Press, 2014.


"The Magic of Olive Oil" (poem), Black Heart Magazine (February 2014).
"In Italian American T. V. Commercials..." (reprinted poem), Rabbit Ears: An Anthology
of T. V. Poems. Ed. Joel Allegretti. New York: Poets Wear Prada Press, 2014.
"Spanish Bombs" (poem), Perihelion: A Journal of Poetry (2014).
"American Race Song" (poem), Long Island Quarterly
(Fall/Winter 2013)
"Interview with Valentine" (poem), Poetrybay    
<> (Fall 2013)
"The Long Valley" (poem), Harpur Palate 13.1 (Fall/Summer 2013): 36-37.
"Malaria" (poem), Italian Americana 31.2 (Summer 2013): 195.
"Starcrossing XXXV" and "Starcrossing XXXXIV" (poems), First Literary Review-East  < > (May 2013).
"Nativity" (poem), co-authored with Kate Falvey, Feile-Festa
< > (Spring 2013).
"In a Café, Killing Time" (poem), First Literary Review-East
< > (March 2013).
"Mafia Movies: A Reading List" (review essay), The Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies 1.1 (2012): 114-119.
"The Rich" (poem), First Literary Review-East <>
(November 2012).
"Galleon" (poem), Hobble Creek Review <> 6.3 (2012).
"Life in the New World" (reprinted poem), The Place Where We Dwell:
Reading and Writing about New York City. 3rd Ed. Dubuque: Kendall/Hunt, 2012:
"The True Virtuoso Spirit" and "The National Association of Peasants (NAP) President's
Message" (poems), VIA 23.1 (2012): 10-11.
"A Coyote is Not a Wolf," The Literary Gazette (2012): 16.
"Pirates and Parrots" (poem), Rhyme and PUN-ishment: Comedic Verse. Eds. Nick Hale and James P. Wagner. Northport: Local Gems Poetry Press, 2012. 63-65
"Imperative" (poem), Maintenant: A Journal of Contemporary Dada Writing
and Art 6 (2012): 92.
"He Davens" (revised reprinted poem), "Manhattan-Bound F" (revised reprinted poem),
"The Poem I Forgot" (poem), Token Entry: Poems of the New York Subway.
Ed. Gerry LaFemina. New York: Smalls Books, 2012. 60-64
"I'm Still Banging Your Sister," and "Misbehavior" (poems), in Writing Outside the
Lines: An Anthology of Poetry from the Wrong Side of the Tracks.
North Sea, New York: Wild Side Press, 2012: 162-163, 235-236.
"Only the Zen Know Brooklyn: The Poet/Parent Wisdom of Diane di Prima,"
The Paterson Literary Review 39 (2011-2012): 58-67.
"Assessment" [Vella Poetry Prize Honorable Mention] and "Uncle" (poem),
Paper Nautilus (2011): 4-5, 33.  
"Kerning" (poem), E-Polarity Magazine <>, 2011.
"The Italian American Satan" (reprinted poem), New Hungers for Old: One Hundred Years of Italian-American Poetry. Scottsdale, Arizona: Star Cloud Press, 2011: 115.
"Who Killed Osama Bin Laden?" Poem of the Week, July 11th, 2011, The Toucan Magazine <>.
"Lunch Lady" (poem), The Long Islander. June 2, 2011: A9.
"Fear of Crossing Over" (reprinted poem). Literature and Gender. New York: Prentice Hall, 2010: 264-265.  
"Pacino" (poem), "So I Don't Look Italian" (reprinted poem) and "Piccola Italia"   (reprinted poem). Italian Passages: Making and Thinking History. New York:
Bordighera Press, 2010: 284-289.
"Sul Serio" (poem), Florida English 2010: 13.
"Boom!" (poem), Valley Voices 10.1 (Spring 2010): 130.
"Prospero's Muccs: The Meaning of Martin Scorsese's Italian American Dialect,"
Italian Americana 28.1 (Winter 2010): 5-17.
"I Pagliacci" (poem), Italian Americana 28.1 (Winter 2010): 85-86.
"Mathematics" and "Book-Signing" (poems), VIA 20.2 (2009): 69-70.
"Cabin in the Sky," "Song of the Rock Dove," "Untitled," Long Island Sounds 2009:
An Anthology of Poetry. North Sea, New York: North Sea Poetry Scene
Press, 2009: 165-167.
"Little Falls" (story), J Journal 2.2 (Fall 2009): 94-111.
"Aglio-Olio Alleluia" (prose poem, co-authored with Joanna Clapps Herman and
Annie Lanzillotto), Alimentum 8 (Summer 2009): 67-68.
"For the Dog" and "Zombies All Around" (poems), Controlled Burn 25 (Spring 2009): 61-63.
"Not the Wind" and "Topsoil in the Old Continental" (poems), Long Island Sounds 2008:
An Anthology of Poetry. North Sea, New York: North Sea Poetry Scene Press,
2008: 251-252.
"Piccola Italia" (poem), Avanti Popolo: Italian American Writers Sail Beyond Columbus.
San Francisco: Manic D Press, 2008: 123-124.
"Shinto Mama" (reprinted poem), Wild Dreams: The Best of Italian Americana, Carol Bonomo Albright and Joanna Clapps Herman, eds. New York: Fordham UP, 2008: 113-114.
"The New Pope" (story), American Fiction 2.2 (Fall 2008) <>.
"Rome" (story), J Journal 1.1 (Spring 2008): 94-114. [Pushcart Prize Nominee]
"Goliard, Goosander" (poem), Phoenix 2 (2008): 14.
"Ink in the Streets: Dana Gioia, the New Poetry Wars, and Italian American Poetry"
(review essay), Italian Americana 25.2 (Summer 2007): 222-227.
"How Does That Make You Feel?" (story) and "So I Don't Look Italian" (poem),
The Harvard Journal of Italian American History and Culture 1:1 (Fall 2007): 29-35.
"Dong Dai Moon" (poem), Asbestos 1 (Fall 2007): 16.
"Brooklyn is Your Classroom" (poem), Transformations 28:1 (Spring/Summer 2007): 74.
"Washboard" (poem), Hurricane Blues: Poems about Katrina and Rita. Cape Girardeau, MO:
Southeast Missouri UP, 2006: 124-125.
"An Italian in Nature," "Nazis, Dwarves, and Crones," "Your Cousin Dominick" (poems),
The Paterson Literary Review 35 (2006): 178-181.
"The Techniques of Fiction" (poem), Inkwell 19 (Spring 2006): 62-63.
"The Outcome" (poem), Barrow Street (Winter 2005): 52-53.
"Manhattan-Bound F" (poem), The Place Where We Dwell: Reading
and Writing about New York City. 1st Ed. Dubuque: Kendall/Hunt, 2005: 301-302.
"Las Vegas Jubilee: Louis Prima's 1950s Stage Show as Multicultural Pageant,"
The Journal of Popular Culture 38.4 (May 2005): 678-697.
"The Government," "If My Son Is a Moron," "My Mother's Ink" (poems),
Inkwell 17 (Spring 2005): 106-108.
"Travel" and "Variations on a Theme by Kenneth Koch" (poems), Perspectives 27
(2004-2005): 182-185.
Featured Poet Section including biographical essay and "Shinto Mama" (poem),
Italian Americana 22.1 (Summer 2004): 156–158.
"Giovanni Verga and the Roots of Italian America," Italian Americana 21.2 (Summer 2003): 150-163.
"'Cunnilingus and Psychotherapy Brought Us to This': Mafia Comedy and Italian American Culture," The Columbia Journal of American Studies 5.1 (2002): 82-96.
"Novel Paesans: The Reconstruction of Italian American Male Identity in Robert Viscusi's Astoria and Anthony Valerio's Conversation with Johnny," MELUS 26.2 (Summer 2001):  95-107.
"In Imagination of the Past: John Fante's Ask the Dust as Italian American Modernism,"
John Fante: A Critical Gathering. Eds. Stephen Cooper and David Fine. Rutherford, N.J.: Fairleigh Dickinson UP, 1999: 131-144.

Book Reviews

"Heart Murmur, by Michael LaSorsa Steffen and And This is What Happens Next, by Marcus Rome" (book reviews), VIA 21.2 (Winter 2010): 90-92.
"American Gothic, Take 2, by Maria Terrone" (book review), Rain Taxi, Online Edition 15 (Spring 2010).
"Books and Rough Business, by Tullio Pironti" (book review), Italian Americana 28.2 (Winter 2010): 107-110.
"Anthony Valerio's The Little Sailor: Quintessence of an Oeuvre" (review essay),
VIA 17.2 (2006): 138-140.
"Lies to Live By" (book review), The Paterson Literary Review 35 (2006): 294-297.
"The Future Without a Past: The Humanities in a Technological Society" (book review), The American Italian Historical Association Newsletter 38.3 (Fall 2005): 27-30.
"Anthony Giardina's Recent History: A Novel" (book review), Italian Americana 21.1 (Winter 2003): 105.
"Anita Garibaldi, A Biography" (book review), Italian American Review 8.1
(Spring/Summer 2001):  208-212.
"Dennis Barone's Separate Objects and Echoes" (book review), Italian Americana 19.1 (Summer 2001): 243-244.
"Mary Bush's Drowning" (book review), VIA 6.2 (1995): 201-203

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