Anna H.-J. Do

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Anna H.-J. Do, Assistant Professor

Courses Taught:

ENG1101, ENG1161, ENG090R, ENG092R, and ESL courses


Ph.D., Applied Linguistics, Boston University

M.A., TESL, Department of Linguistics, Georgetown University

Third-year Student, English & English Literature, Yonsei University, South Korea

B.A., Major in Education, Minor in English & English Literature, Sungshin Women's University, South Korea

Academic Interests:

Corpus linguistics, pragmatics, discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, and language acquisition


Do, Anna H.-J. (2012). Building bridges: A thematic approach to college reading and writing. Dubuque: Kendall Hunt publishing.

Do, Anna H.-J. (2009). Contrastive discourse markers: An examination of their characteristics in Korean. VDM Verlag Dr. Müller.

Do, Anna H.-J. (2010). Context specific features of Korean constrastive discourse markers. In Susumu Kuno et al. (eds.), Harvard studies in Korean linguistics 13, 191-206. Cambridge, MA: Harvard university and Seoul, Korea: Hankook Munhwasa.

Do, Anna H.-J. (2009). Eight helpful tips that non-ESL composition professors can employ when responding to the writing style of students with ESL. Idiom 39(3), 4-5.

Do, Anna H.-J. (2008). The acquisition of narrative skills by secondary ESL learners. Idiom 38(1), 8-9.

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