Patrick Corbett

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Patrick Corbett, Assistant Professor


  • Ph.D., English Rhetoric and Composition, University of Louisville
  • M.A., English, Clarion University of Pennsylvania
  • B.A., Economics, Northwestern University

Professional Bio:

Patrick joined the City Tech English Department in 2013. He had worked previously in diverse fields including textile manufacturing, information technology, healthcare policy research, and motion picture development before becoming a teacher and scholar of writing. Patrick's research focuses on the unseen activities and cultural dimensions found in the everyday use of communications technologies.

Academic Interests:

  • 21st Century Literacies
  • Usability and Ethnography
  • Technical and Professional Communication

Courses Taught:

  • ENG 1101 — English Composition I
  • ENG 3771 — Advanced Career Writing
  • ENG 3773 – Advanced Technical Writing


  • Corbett, P., et al. (2013). Understanding nextGen students' information search habits: A usability perspective. In R. McClure & J. Purdy (Eds.), The New Digital Scholar: Exploring and Enriching the Research and Writing Practices of NextGen Students. American Association of Information and Science Technology.
  • Corbett, P. (2010). What about the "Google Effect"? Improving the library research habits of first-year composition students. Teaching English in the Two-Year College, 37(3).
  • Journet, D., Adkins, T., Alexander, C., Corbett, P., & Trauman, R. (2014). Digital mirrors: Multimodal reflections in the composition classroom. In C. Lutkewitte (Ed.), Multimodal composition: A critical sourcebook (358-359). New York, NY: Bedford/St. Martins.
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