Professional and Technical Writing

The Bachelor of Science in Professional and Technical Writing program is designed to prepare students to communicate clearly and effectively using a variety of tools and media. Students gain competencies that include writing, editing, problem solving, document design, rhetoric, interpersonal communication, collaboration, specialized expertise, and fluency in modern communication technologies. Students learn how to translate complex, industry-specific information into lay terminology or another industry-specific discourse. This program has three components: (1) general education core courses, (2) required courses in the major, and (3) an area of specialization. Students in this interdisciplinary degree program gain strong communication skills and a solid knowledge base through specialization in a content area, namely, a professional, scientific, or technical discipline.

In order to meet the needs of the growing marketplace, the program allows students to look across disciplinary boundaries and bring together information and skills from a variety of fields into a new base for learning, designing, and writing. The structure of this degree ensures that students who graduate from this program (a) master industry standard applications for professional and technical writing and related technologies, (b) acquire expertise in a professional studies-related, science-related, or technology-related discipline that will give them an edge in the marketplace, and (c) enter a rapidly shifting workplace prepared to negotiate new forms of media with sophistication and confidence. The program provides students with both a hands-on experience using a range of tools as well as an understanding of the theories underlying the use of those tools. Graduates master industry standards for both professional and technical writing, as well as related technologies.

Degree Requirements

All students entering the degree program will complete the 42 required credits in the College's baccalaureate general education common core, which includes both ENG 1101 and ENG 1121, and 78 program-specific required and elective credits.

Along with the interdisciplinary nature of this program, students must choose a specialization. A specialization is 18 credit hours in a content area, in a professional, scientific, or technical discipline. Students who transfer from other programs or students who already have associate degrees will be fast-tracked towards completion of the degree program. Those with backgrounds in different areas support the interdisciplinary nature of the program and provide a robust exchange of ideas among students and professors. Finally, a required 4-credit internship course provides a culminating experience to prepare students for rewarding careers.

Refer to the College Catalog for the list of required courses and approved elective courses.

Students must consult with an assigned program advisor to ensure proper course selection, area of specialization, and timely progress towards the degree.

Admissions Criteria for B.S. Program in Professional and Technical Writing

Incoming Students

Students may enter the B.S. program in Professional and Technical Writing with a minimum high school average of 75, and must demonstrate CUNY proficiency in reading, writing, and mathematics.

Continuing Students

Students may enter the B.S. program in Professional and Technical Writing with CUNY proficiency in reading, writing, and mathematics. Moreover, students may transfer from one of the City Tech A.A.S., A.A., A.S., or unclassified programs either before or after completing the associate degree.

Transfer Students

Transfer students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 and should have taken one semester of college-level English having earned a grade of C or higher. Transfer students must also possess CUNY proficiency in reading, writing, and mathematics.

Articulation Agreements

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