Criteria for Admission into and Progression within the Dental Laboratory Technology Curriculum

Students may apply for admission to the dental laboratory technology program either as freshmen or through transfer from another curriculum.

Students must achieve a minimum passing grade of "C" in all courses which begin with the prefix "DL". Students may repeat a course only once.

Placement in the Dental Laboratory Technology Program

A high school diploma or a New York State equivalency diploma is required for admission to the college. However, in order to be programmed for the full program of dental lab courses, an applicant must be CUNY certified in reading and writing and math. All new students and transfer students who do not meet the above criteria will be classified as pre-clinical dental laboratory technology students and will be considered to be members of the department of dental laboratory technology. During this period students will be programmed for developmental skills as needed.

After completion of all required remedial courses with a Satisfactory (S) rating, the student will be admitted to the dental laboratory technology courses as space permits. Completion of the pre-clinical portion of the curriculum does not guarantee progression into clinical courses. If the number of students meeting the stated criteria exceed the available places, seats will be allocated on the basis of the highest cumulative academic average.

Transfer into the Dental Laboratory Technology Curriculum

Students who wish to transfer into dental laboratory technology from another college curriculum must meet the following criteria: (a) they must meet all prerequisite criteria; (b) they must have a cumulative average of 2.0 or better.

* May vary according to specialization chosen in 4th semester
**Recognized Graduate Examination National

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