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The department of Restorative Dentistry holds the largest number of dental laboratory technology graduates in the nation. Some of our more distinguished alumni include:

Who They Are What They Do
Daniel Alter NYCCT Assistant Professor
Laura Andreescu NYCCT Adjunct Professor/Technologist/DLT Advisory Commission
Larry Araneo NYCCT Adjunct Professor/ Lab owner/ Clinician
Anna Babilonia Director of Research and Development/ Pentron Ceramics
Jules Balla Lab owner/ NYCCT Adjunct Professor
Renata Budny NYCCT Assistant Professor
Larry Cataldo Lab owner/ DLT Advisory Commission
Charles Cottone Lab owner/ NYCCT Adjunct Professor/ NYU Clinician (Retired)
Ester Cuya NYCCT Adjunct Instructor
Howard Dickens Lab owner/ DLANY Former President
Nick Fournaris Lab owner
Melvin Friedman NYCCT Professor (Retired)
Norman Green NYCCT Assistant Professor (Retired)
Sol Greenberg Lab owner/ NYCCT Adjunct Professor/ Clinician
Francis Guidone NYCCT Senior College Laboratory Technician (Retired)
Rose Haynes NYCCT Assistant Professor (Retired)
Hector Hernandez Lab owner
Keyon Jack Lab manager/Clinician
Barry Lampert Lab owner/ Clinician
Nicholas Manos NYCCT Professor
Dr. Aneta Mejia Dentist
Louis F. Mejia Lab owner
Adam Mieleszko Lab manager/ Clinician/ Coauthor
Frank Munzenmayer Technical Representative/Dental/ Clinician
Dr. K. Noel Dentist
Chris Nuzzolo Lab owner/ NYCCT Adjunct Professor
Keith Pillarella Lab owner
Altagracia Rodriguez DLT Faculty/ Clara Barton High School
Norman Russell Senior Product Systems Representative
Ted Schneiderman Lab owner/ President of the Guild of Dental Craftsman
Avis Smith NYCCT Associate Professor
Danny Solomon Coordinator of Career Placement/ Dental Laboratory Technology Instructor/ Tottenville High School
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