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Badreddine Oudjehane

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Computer Club


Create and develop a diverse learning and social environment for club members. Students can enhance their technical and interpersonal skills through interaction with other members, sharing experiences and knowledge about technology. The club's efforts include fostering ethical and professional ideals.


The Computer Club is a student organization that provides a creative and safe learning environment where college students interested in computers and technology come together to explore their own ideas.

The club will plan and organize projects and activities, outside the classroom, with the purpose of enhancing technical skills and knowledge. It is designed to create an environment of team work, along with, enhancing interpersonal and social skills.

Members will get an opportunity to sharpen their skills in web designing, programming, creating video games, creating apps for phones, and creating multimedia presentations. In addition, guest members are invited to speak.

Check out the site: http://citytechcia.com/

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