Students' Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What degree programs are offered by the CST department?
A. The CST department offers two degrees - an AAS degree in Computer Information Systems and a Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Systems.

Q. What classes are offered online?
A. It varies from semester to semester. Please consult with your academic advisor. MANY CST classes are hybrid, combining in-class instruction with rich on-line resources.

Q. What are the requirements for an internship?
A. There are two internship opportunities, one in the associate degree program and one in the baccalaureate. The associate-level internship is optional, one among a number of capstone elective choices. The baccalaureate internship is required for students without a meaningful IT employment history. To apply for the baccalaureate-level internship program, a student must have completed two 3500 level courses.

Q. What is the required GPA needed to graduate?
A. An overall GPA of 2.0 or above. CST students must have a grade of C or better in their major.

Q. What if I made 'D' in a course and have already registered for a following course?
A. If the D is in your major, you must retake the course in order to graduate. In addition, you need to make certain that the course in which you have the D is not a prerequisite for other classes in which you are enrolled.

Q. Will my degree include certification classes?
A. No. We do not offer certification classes. However, within your courses, you will cover topics given on various certification exams.

Q. Will the college provide job placement?
A. The college placement office is located at NG-08. Their staff will assist you in your job search, including resume writing, interview skills and networking.

Q. What job opportunities can I expect by having a major in Computer Information Systems?
A. Students can work in various fields, such as networking, database, security, and software engineering. The combination of sophisticated computer skills with a good grounding in the arts and sciences will prepare you for a career, not just for a first position.

Q. What are my options if I am not able to do an internship?
A. The internship is a 3 credit course required in the Btech degree program for graduation. However, if you are currently employed in the IT field, you may take the CST4905 project course. You will need to provide the internship coordinator a letter of verification from your employer.

Q. Where do I find ALL the courses offered at Citytech?
A. You can find it from the college catalog at the following link.

Q. Does the college provide a Master degree in Computer Systems Technology?
A. No. However, you may explore CUNY's Graduate Center.

Q. How many non-CST courses are needed?
A. To graduate, students must meet the general education requirements. It is intended to give students a well-balanced education. Please check the catalog for the number of credits required.

Q. Are there any opportunities for undergraduate students to do research?
A. Yes. The NYC Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (NYC-LSAMP) is a consortium of CUNY Colleges and CUNY Graduate Center supporting research in science, computer science, mathematics, engineering, and technology. In addition, faculty mentors in every department work with students who display their work at research conferences and poster presentations. Faculty and Foundation grants can help support student research. Our Honors Scholars program provides research opportunities. Students are encouraged to apply for summer internships that provide excellent research opportunities.

For further information, please contact Professor Elhadary at

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