Associate Professor Sigurd Stegmaier

Title: R.A.
Year joined the college: September 1994

Degrees Earned:
City College Civil Engineering B.S.
City College Architechture B.Arch
City College Urban Planning M.S.

Professional Experience and Research

Professor Stegmaier also serves as a consultant in the New York area. He is presently designing a contemporary wood frame house located on Long Island Sound on the eastern end of Long Island, and provide consulting services in matters related to zoning and building code issues.
All projects that Professor Stegmaier is involved in require the development of construction drawings, bidding, and awarding of contracts, approval by the local department and construction by a contractor. Other recent consulting projects include:

Tagg Residence - Addition of a new two story structure and interior renovation
Great Neck, NY
$450,000 - Involved a flood condition which was solved by changing contours, adding gravel fill and installation of dry wells

Robinson Residence - Interior Renovation Condominium New York, NY
$200,000 - Involved N.Y.C. Building Code, American Disabilities Act regulations and negotiating the tenant's corporation.

Archer Residence - Zoning Variance
Great Neck Estates, NY
Involved the filing for a zoning variance and presentation to a zoning board for approval.

Frank Gencorelli Architects - Part Time Consulting
8 Bond Street
Great Neck, NY
Provide architectural services in the design and construction of wood frame residential housing. Provide construction management services construction of interios comerical office spaces.

Professional Affiliations, Members, Committees
National Council of Architectural Registration Board, member, 1972 - present

New York State Engineering Technology Association, member, 1995 - present