Student Testimonials on Job Placement

Hi Professor Colchamiro, I hope you and your family are doing well. I arranged an interview . . . on Friday. When I called him and I told him "Professor Colchamiro sent my resume to you"; he said "Oh, Elliot. OK. When you can come here?" Can [it] be easier than this? Thank you so much. I am so proud that I am your student."

"Dear Professor Colchamiro, I am writing to say THANK YOU very much for your help and recommendations. This Friday was my first day at Goldreich Engineering as a full time structural design engineering intern. Once again, I am very grateful for yore help in finding me a dream job and jumpstarting my career."

"Professor, I am thankful to you for all your coordination, without your help I would not have reached this point . .any thing you need, please let me know. Thanks!"

"Dear Prof. Colchamiro: Thank you for referring me to [a contracting company]. They offered me a position as an assistant Quality Control representative. I've never been this excited, its a great opportunity with a great company. During my first interview I was told that your influence meant a lot, since you referred me. Thank you. I will try my best to succeed."

"Hi Prof. C., how are you? I hope you're enjoying the summer. Thank you for sending out my resume. I have received quite a number of calls from various companies and have been arranging and going to interviews lately. I hope I can find one that suits me and I enjoy . . .Thank you once again and hope you enjoy the rest of the summer. =)" ............

"Thank you for sending my resume to various companies, I had a quite of number of interviews and it was a great experience. I'll be updating my resume with more experiences and if I am ready to work again, I will surely need your help distributing my resume =). Thanks again and see you around in school."

Dear Professor I have found a job one month ago as an estimator in HVAC company. Responsibilities [are] not limited to estimating, drafting and assistance in project management involved.Thanks for your concern. . .Thank you so much. P.S. I noticed that your email [was] completed at 6:30 AM, I really appreciate all your attention, patience, and kindness for your students like a father."

"Hi Professor, I am actually waiting to hear my start date at new company. I am being hired as a Plan Clerk. I took the job because I though it was a good way for me to go on my journey of becoming a Project Manager. . ."

"Today I went to a interview . . .and it went pretty well. I was hired, and I start November 27th in a position as a project Manager. I would like to thank you so much I really appreciate it. Thank you!" .................

"Hello Prof. Colchamiro; I going on almost 4 months with [my construction company], [and] its great working with them. I'm learning so much, I think I'm addicted to this. My 3 month evaluation went well, they [have] given me a substantial increase, and are very satisfied with my performance. Today the VP asked me if I knew of another individual, like me, who went to school and is motivated. He is looking to hire another graduate, or perhaps a student. . . I told him I would ask you. . . Thank You."

"Dear Professor Colchamiro, I was hired by [a local testing laboratory] as a technician. Today is my first day on the job and it's quite challenging. It's been sometime now since I did those things so I'll have to do some recapturing. I will make it though. Thank you so much for helping me. I tremendously appreciate it."

"Hello Prof. Colchamiro, First I would like to thank you for asking. And yes I have accepted a job. . I am expected to start on July 5. Once again thank you."

"Professor Colchamiro, Thank you for sending out my resume to various companies, I have received and completed an interview for [a local] engineering [firm]. They said they are going to give me the opportunity to work for them, so I am just waiting on a schedule to start working. Thank you once again."

Employer Testimonials on Job Placement

"I would like to thank you for e-mailing the resume of your students. I have already scheduled interview with few of your student and expected to call all students in near future. Please feel free to send resume you find new candidate. We are expecting to hire 20 to 30 candidate over next two years. Your students are the best. Thanks."

"Elliot, Thank you very much for passing the resume of your former student to me. I appreciate you thinking of myself and [my firm] when someone is looking for work. . . All the best"

"Elliot, We are currently in the process of hiring [one of your students] for a NYCDOT project. Thank you for the recommendation and help in [one of your students]"

"Elliot, Thank you for your recommendation. I spoke to him this morning and have offered him a job with our company. I am meeting [him] at one of our job sites later today to show him one of our jobs in action. Thank you again."

"Professor Colchamiro, Once again I come to you for possible placement of you recent and soon-to-be graduates. We are looking for several Autocad operators and would appreciate any resumes you can forward to this office. Thanks again."

"Mr. Cioffi: [One of your staff members] directed me to contact you regarding potential candidates for hire for positions in estimating and project management. We are a national, privately owned company with revenues of over $80 million [dollars]. We are seeking to increase our presence in the NY market. Please let me know if you have any interested candidates. Feel free to call me to discuss."

"Good Morning Professor, I interviewed [one of your graduates] last week and was quite impressed with him. . . if you have any more resumes please send them to me as I would like to place your recommended people first. Thanks and have a good day."

"Prof. Colchamiro, I have contacted several of the individuals you referred to me, and will be scheduling interviews with them.. .I would like to ask if you have any candidates for whom you would recommend. Thank you in advance for your consideration."