Construction Management Technology

The Construction Management Technology program prepares men and women for technical and management careers in the building construction industry. Graduates are employed in every phase of building technology, including the planning, design, erection, fabrication, superintendence, redesign, repair and inspection of all types of buildings and other public projects. These range from one-story wood frame dwellings to towering skyscrapers of steel and concrete, as well as to bridges and other infrastructure components. The building construction technician bridges the gap between the engineer and the skilled craftsman. He or she is trained to analyze and solve construction problems, interpret blueprints, estimate the cost of construction, operate surveying equipment, detail steel and concrete members, prepare architectural working drawings, and supervise or inspect the construction of all types of building systems to assure compliance with the designer's specifications.

Employment Opportunities

The Construction Management Technology program covers many disciplines, providing technical, as well as practical skills. Graduates readily find employment with builders, contractors, construction managers, engineering and architectural consulting firms, and government agencies (federal, state and municipal). The long range employment outlook continues to be excellent.

Our recent graduates have been hired by these firms: