Bachelor of Technology in

A four year degree program in Computer Engineering Technology (CET)

The first two years of the baccalaureate program automatically earn the AAS degree in Electromechanical Engineering Technology. The program is designed such that students from other AAS programs like Electrical Technology and Mechanical Technology can also transfer smoothly to the BTech CET program.

The last two years of the CET program are built upon the knowledge gained at the AAS level. The last two years of the program place an emphasis on computer-controlled systems, computer networking, advanced coverage of computers and electronics, programming and advanced mathematics. Students are expected to apply, analyze, and think independently.

A wide selection of technical electives, including topics from computer engineering technology, electrical and telecommunications engineering technology, mechanical engineering technology, computer programming and design, give students considerable latitude to specialize in their own area of interest.

Options after Graduation

Graduates of this program can further pursue graduate programs in related areas such as Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science, or qualify for the occupational titles such as field engineer, systems engineer, computer repair technician, electrical technician, laboratory technician, help desk / technical support, computer security specialist, system analyst, project control engineer, network administrator and assistant / associate manager.

Potential employers for students graduated from this program are manufacturers and users of computer and electromechanical equipment. The list of employers of graduates of this program include Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), Metro North Rail Road, Consolidated Edison, NYC Department of Education, IBM, G.A.L Manufacturing Corporation, Earth Institute at Columbia, DMJM Harris Inc., Light Speed Connections and General Electric.


This program is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ETAC/ABET),

To accomplish its mission, the CET department has established the following Program Educational Objectives (PEO) and Program Student Outcomes (PSO) for the Computer Engineering Technology curriculum (BTech degree).

Program Educational Objectives

Program Student Outcomes

General (Adopted from ETAC / ABET Criterion 3)
Students demonstrate:

Discipline Specific (Adopted from ETAC / ABET Program Criteria)
Students demonstrate knowledge and hands on competence in:

Student Enrollment Information for the Past 5 Years

Spring 2009 245
Fall 2009 263
Spring 2010 290
Fall 2010 289
Spring 2011 293
Fall 2011 367
Spring 2012 389
Fall 2012 425
Spring 2013 407
Fall 2013 548

College Wide Data

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