Programs offered: 
  • AAS in EMT - 2 year Associate degree in Electromechanical Engineering Technology
  • BTech in CET - 4 year Baccalaureate degree in Computer Engineering Technology
  • Accreditation:
    Both programs, AAS-EMT and BTech-CET, have been accredited by ETAC/ABET*

    *ABET, Inc.
    415 North Charles Street,
    Baltimore, MD 21201

    Department Mission Statement

    Our mission is to prepare graduates for immediate employment and continued educational opportunities through a quality technical and experience-based education. The Department of Computer Engineering Technology takes a multi-disciplinary approach to technology providing theoretical and practical foundations in current and emerging technologies. The department prepares our students to be proficient with the basics of electrical technology, electromechanical technology, computer hardware, software, and computer networks, using engineering principles to integrate these technologies to control electromechanical devices, and develop computer controlled and embedded systems.

    Through excellence in teaching, hands-on laboratory experience, smaller class sizes, and innovative use of technology, the department provides a friendly atmosphere for each individual where learning, creativity, and personal growth can flourish. The department is committed to provide a high quality education to students of diverse background and cultures for entry in the electromechanical and computer industry.

    The CET Department offers two degrees, currently ETAC/ABET-accredited degree programs:

    • Associate in Applied Science in Electromechanical Engineering Technology (EMT)
    • Bachelor of Technology in Computer Engineering Technology (CET)

    Both programs are accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ETAC/ABET). The Electromechanical Engineering Technology (EMT) program leads to an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree, in two years. The Computer Engineering Technology (CET) leads to a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) degree, with additional two years of study. Each degree provides useful career-building skills for students who seek employment immediately upon graduation or continue their education toward advanced degrees. The programs are well rounded and provide graduates with the appropriate technical and nontechnical knowledge, experience, and skills that will enable them to be successful and continually adapt to change in these dynamic career fields.

    As a CITY TECH student, you will benefit from:

    • A friendly atmosphere and individual attention
    • Modern, well-equipped labs that duplicate on-the-job conditions
    • Hands-on experience to analyze, design, test, and trouble-shoot in variety of areas
    • Outstanding faculty recruited from business, industry, and academia
    • A solid theoretical foundation in your chosen field

    Why Should You Choose the CET Department at CITY TECH?

    We offer unique multidisciplinary programs with theoretical and practical foundations in current and emerging technologies. We provide opportunities for hands-on experience that will provide practical skills you will use in your career. Our accomplished faculty members, who bring a wealth of knowledge from business, industry, and academia, are committed to provide high quality education through the use innovative teaching and learning strategies. We provide smaller class sizes with a friendly atmosphere that respects each individual, and well-equipped laboratory settings, modern computers, computer network equipment, simulators, and measuring instruments. Our students have the opportunity to participate in national and international competitions on robotics, hardware design, and technology; our teams have won several of these competitions.

    If you like to create, if you want to understand how computers and other systems interact or work, if you want to have fun while you learn and you are willing to work hard, then this department is the place for you.

    The AAS and BTech programs in the Computer Engineering Technology department are accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology. (ETAC/ABET 415 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21201 Tel: 410.347.7700).