Instructor (Full Time Substitute)


Professor S. Rashid Zaidi earned his Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from University of Engineering and technology, Taxila in 1997; Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering from CCNY, CUNY in 2005. Currently he is PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering in the Graduate Center( CUNY). His dissertation topic is Next Generation Wireless Technologies. Prior to joining New York City College of Technology he worked in Elixir Technology Corporation. Elixir is a California based leading multinational software firm in the print industry which has its branches in UK, Prague, Singapore, Islamabad and Middle East. He worked as a Systems Engineer and accomplished many projects for his company in different countries. He also has a wide experience of teaching in City College, City College of Technology, Brooklyn College, BMCC and BCC. His area of interest in research is Next generation Wireless Technologies like WiMAX and LTE and their integration with EPON.

Courses Taught:

 •  CET 4964 - Electro Optics
 •  CET 3625 - Applied Analysis Lab
 •  CET 4705 - Component and sub system Design
 •  EMT 2455 - Data Communications
 •  EMT 1150 - Electrical Circuits
 •  EMT 1255 - Electronics