Assistant Professor


Professor José M. Reyes Álamo did his undergraduate studies in Computer Science at the University of Puerto Rico at Bayamón. After graduation he worked in the industry but his strong passion for education and research brought him back to school a year later. He went to Iowa State University (ISU) to pursue his Ph.D. in Computer Science. During his time at ISU he worked in the Smart Home Lab researching topics in Software Engineering, Smart Homes, Pervasive Computing, Formal Methods, and Wireless Sensors. He published several papers and completed his dissertation entitled "A framework for safe composition of heterogeneous SOA services in a pervasive computing environment with resource constraints". In ISU he was also involved in several other activities like organizing the GMAP Symposium, participating in student organizations, and working as research assistant. After graduation he worked for a trading software company in New York City but once again his love for academics brought him back, this time as a professor in Computer Engineering Technology, to the CUNY - New York City College of Technology.

Courses Taught:

 •  EMT 1111 - Logic and Problem-Solving
 •  CET 3510 - Microprocessor Systems Technology
 •  CET 3640 - Software for Computer Control

Membership in professional and scientific societies:

 •  Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society (ΥΠΕ) (2009-Present)
 •  IEEE (2005-Present)
 •  ACM (2005-Present)