Tatiana Voza

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Tatiana Voza


  • Ph.D. in Biology & Parasitology
  • University of Paris XII & Museum of Natural History of Paris, France Dissertation: Cerebral Malaria and Mixed Infections in The Murine Model.
  • Masters in Toxic Interactions in Ecosystems & Biotechnologies related to toxins
  • Museum of Natural History of Paris, France
  • Bachelors in General Biology, Animal and Ecosystem Biology
  • University of Paris VI & VII, France

Courses Taught At Citytech

  • BIO1101: General Biology 1 (Lab and Lecture)
  • BIO1201: General Biology 2 (Lab and Lecture)

Research Focus

  • Malaria parasite biology in the skin
  • Anti-malarial drugs
  • Biology of Parasites
  • Intra-vital microscopy

Research Experience/ Positions

  • Associate Research Scientist, Dept of Medical Parasitology, New York University
  • Study of the influence of skin hypersensitivity on the malaria parasite infectivity.
    Kinetics of sporozoites in the immunized host.
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Dept of Medical Parasitology, New York University
  • Development of Plasmodium sporozoites into exoerythrocytic stages in the skin of the mammalian host.


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  • Voza T., Miller J.L., Kappe S.H.I. and Sinnis P. 2012 Extrahepatic exoerythrocytic forms of rodent malaria parasites at the site of inoculation: Clearance after immunization, susceptibility to primaquine and contribution to blood stage infection. Infection & Immunity. 80(6): 2158-64
  • Voza T., Kebaier C., Vanderberg J.P. 2010. Intradermal immunization of mice with radiation–attenuated sporozoites of Plasmodium yoelii induces effective protective immunity. Malaria Journal. 15 (9): 362.
  • Kebaier C, Voza T, Vanderberg. 2010. Neither mosquito saliva nor immunity to saliva has a detectable effect on the infectivity of Plasmodium sporozoites injected into mice. Infection & Immunity. 2010 Jan; 78(1): 545–51.
  • Voza T., Kebaier C., Vanderberg J. 2009. Kinetics of Mosquito–injected Plasmodium berghei sporozoites in immunized vs non–immunized mice. PloS Pathogens. 5(4): e1000399.
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  • Belnoue E, Voza T., Costa F.T.M., Guner A.C., Mauduit M., Santoro Rosa D., Depinay N., Kayibanda M., Vigario A.M., Mazier D., Snounou G., Sinnis P. Renia L. 2008. Vaccination with live P. yoelii blood stage parasites under chloroquine cover induces cross–stage immunity against malaria liver stage. Journal of Immunology. 181(12): 8552–8
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  • Singh N., Preiser, P., Rénia L., Balu B., Barnwell J., Jarra W., Voza T., Landau I., Adams J.H. 2004. Conservation and developmental control of alternative splicing in maebl among malaria parasites. Journal of Molecular Biology, 343(3): 589–599.
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  • Preiser P.R., Rénia L., Singh N., Balu B., Jarra W., Voza T., Kanedo O., Blair P., Torii M., Landau I. and Adams J.H. 2004. Antibodies against MAEBL ligand Domains M1 and M2 inhibit sporozoite development in vitro. Infection & Immunity, 72(6): 3604–3608
  • Belnoue E., Costa F. T. M., Vigario A. M., Voza T., Gonnet F., Landau I., van Rooijen N., Mack M., Kuziel W.A. & Rénia L. 2003. Chemokine receptor CCR2 is not essential for the development of experimental cerebral malaria. Infection & Immunity, 71 (6): 3648–3651
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