Maria Sol Flaherty

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Maria Sol Flaherty


  • 2009 — PhD – Biomedical Sciences. Department of Pharmacology, NYU School of Medicine, Sackler Institute, NY
  • 2001 — B.A– Biotechnology, Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Courses Taught at City Tech:

  • Bio 1101 — Biology I

Research Focus:

  • Wnt signaling
  • Cancer Stem Cells
  • Cell adhesion


  • Raluca Pancratov, Felix Peng, Peter Smibert, Jr-Shiuan Yang, Emily Ruth Olson1, Maria Sol Flaherty, Ciaran Guha-Gilford, Feng-Xia Liang3, Eric C. Lai2 and Ramanuj DasGupta. The microRNA-310/13 cluster antagonizes beta-catenin/armadillo function in the regulation of germ and somatic cell differentiation in the Drosophila male gonad. Submitted, in review.
  • Ntziachristos P, Tsirigos A, Van Vlierberghe P, Nedjic J, Trimarchi T, Flaherty MS, Ferres-Marco D, da Ros V, Tang Z, Siegle J, Asp P, Hadler M, Rigo I,De Keersmaecker K, Patel J, Huynh T, Utro F, Poglio S, Samon JB, Paietta E, Racevskis J, Rowe JM, Rabadan R, Levine RL, Brown S, Pflumio F, Dominguez M, Ferrando A, Aifantis I. Genetic inactivation of the polycomb repressive complex 2 in T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Nat Med. 2012 Feb 6;18(2):298-301.
  • Ekas LA. Cardozo TJ, Flaherty MS, McMillan EA, Gonsalves FC, Bach EA (2010). Characterization of a dominant-active STAT that promotes tumorigenesis in Drosophila. Develomental Biology. 344(2):621-36.
  • Flaherty MS, Salis P, Evans C, Ekas L.A, Marouf Amine, Zavadil J, Benerjee U., Bach EA (2010). chinmo Is a Functional Effector of the JAK/STAT Pathway that Regulates Eye Development, Tumor Formation, and Stem Cell Self-Renewal in Drosophila. Developmental Cell. 18(4):556-68.
  • Flaherty MS, Zavadil J, Ekas LA, Bach EA (2009). Genomic-wide expression profiling in the Drosophila eye revels unexpected repression of Notch signaling by the JAK/STAT pathway. Developmental Dynamics, 238(9):2235-53.
  • Ayala-Camargo A, Ekas LA, Flaherty MS, Baeg GH, Bach EA (2007). The JAK/STAT pathway regulates proximo-distal patterning in Drosophila. Developmental Dynamics, 236(10):2721-30.
  • Ekas LA, Baeg GH, Flaherty MS, Ayala-Camargo A, Bach EA (2006). JAK/STAT signaling promotes regional specification by negatively regulating wingless expression in Drosophila. Development, 133 (23):4721-9.
  • Bach EA, Ekas LA, Ayala-Camargo A, Flaherty MS, Lee H, Perrimon N, Baeg GH (2007). GFP reporters detect the activation of the Drosophila JAK/STAT pathway in vivo. Gene Expression Patterns, 7(3):323-31.
  • Yun SW, Platholi J, Flaherty MS, Fu W, Kottmann AH, Toth M (2006). Fmrp is required for the establishment of the startle response during the critical period of auditory development. Brain Research, 1110(1):159-65.
  • Costanza MC, Cayanis E, Ross BM, Flaherty MS, Alvin GB, Das K, Morabia A (2005). Relative contributions of genes, environment, and interactions to blood lipid concentrations in a general adult population. Am J Epidemiol. 161(8):714-24.
  • Morabia A, Ross BM, Costanza MC, Cayanis E, Flaherty MS, Alvin GB, Das K, James R, Yang AS, Evagrafov O, Gilliam TC (2004). Population-based study of SR-BI genetic variation and lipid profile. Atherosclerosis. 175(1):159-68,
  • Morabia A, Cayanis E, Costanza MC, Ross BM, Flaherty MS, Alvin GB, Das K, Gilliam TC (2003). Association of extreme blood lipid profile phenotypic variation with 11 reverse cholesterol transport genes and 10 non-genetic cardiovascular disease risk factors. Human Molecular Genetics. 12(21):2733-43.
  • Morabia A, Cayanis E, Costanza MC, Ross BM, Bernstein MS, Flaherty MS, Alvin GB, Das K, Morris MA, Penchaszadeh GK, Zhang P, Gilliam TC (2003). Association between lipoprotein lipase (LPL) gene and blood lipids: a common variant for a common trait? Genetic Epidemiology. 24(4):309-21


  • 50th Annual Drosophila Research Conference, Chicago, IL. Poster: “A novel BTB-domain protein regulates stem cell self-renewal downstream of the JAK/STAT pathway in the Drosophila testes,” 2009
  • Keystone Symposia. Stem cells and Tumor Suppressors, Vancouver, British Columbia. Platform Presentation and Poster: “A novel BTB domain protein regulates stem cell self-renewal downstream of JAK/STAT signaling in the Drosophila testes,” 2008
  • 48th Annual Drosophila Research Conference, Philadelphia, PA. Poster: “Identification of JAK/STAT target genes, ” 2007
  • 47th Annual Drosophila Research Conference, Houston, Texas. Poster: “A bioinformatics genome-wide searching using target explorer for genes with Stat92E binding sites,” 2006
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